Five Simple Tips to Keeping your Apartment Clean

Feb 6, 2020 9:20 AM ET

Doing house chores every single day can be exhausting. This is especially true if you are living alone, and there is no one to wash the dishes, clean the house, or do the laundry but you.

But there are ways you can do this easily and efficiently. Organizing your chores from the smallest to the largest is a first. You could also opt to do a schedule wherein you can set a day for a specific task like laundry goes on every Friday or taking out the trash goes for every other day.

No matter what chore it is, overwhelming or not, as long as you are efficient and organized, every chore will be done accordingly. And here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Make your bed

This is the most natural and most simple thing that you can do every day. The first place that you should clean is your bed. A good cleaning habit must start within your personal space, and that’s your bedroom.

Making your bed every morning is a good starter for your cleaning routine. It might be a waste of time for most people, but cleaning your bed first thing in the morning is an important thing to do. Nobody wants to end their day cleaning their rooms, right?

You can simplify your bed by using a duvet or a washable cover, so you don’t have to tuck in those sheets every day. Also, to minimize your laundry, use fewer pillows.

Manage your stuff

If you are just about to transfer to another apartment or about to live a life of freedom by renting an apartment, managing your stuff comes first. Set up your apartment by keeping cleanliness in mind.

One good example is to keep the floor clean. We’re not talking about maintaining dust or stains out of it. We’re talking about keeping your stuff from the floor. Don’t stack items under the bed or keep anything under the closet for safekeeping.

Doing so will help you sweep or vacuum the floor without hassle since you don’t have to watch out for stuff while cleaning the floor.

The worst-case scenario is you’ll have to open the vacuum’s bag because you accidentally vacuumed something of importance that you kept under the bed.

Keep your sink clean and clear of dishes

Possibly the most dreaded chore of all is washing the dishes. However, this is one of the essential chores since this is where you prepare your food.

Letting the dishes and utensils pile up in the sink can be an eyesore, and it is also the worst thing you can do to your house. This is where most of your leftovers will end up, making it a place for bacteria, insects, and even rats. Most importantly, if left alone, it may create a foul smell.

Maybe you can’t smell it, but your visitors can. If you manage to smell it somehow, then it must not be very good.

Maximize your storage

If you have a lot of stuff and most of them are things you don’t necessarily use every day, then maybe it’s time to invest in storage spaces. You can buy furniture pieces with smart storage capabilities in IKEA or Home Depot.

Most of the things you need to have storage for are your clothes, apparel, gears, kitchen items, or the small trinkets that you have. Properly making storage space for every item will make your house cleaner and more spacious.

Also, keep a habit of picking up things as you go. By doing this, you don’t have to perpetually clean your apartment of all the little trinkets that you use every day.

Get a robot vacuum

For all of you techies out there, if you want to keep your apartment clean even while you are away or don’t want to bother yourself cleaning the floor, get the best robot vacuum cleaner. They are autonomous and run by A.I technology. You can leave them on the floor and do other stuff like cleaning somewhere else.

You can try Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S or Eufy RoboVac 11s Max. ConsumerJar recommends these robot vacuums since they are quite efficient. Also, they are useful if you want to manage your time and do more important things rather than cleaning your floor. They are easy to use, handy, and don’t eat a lot of space.


By keeping organized and time-efficient, cleaning your apartment will be an easy task. Sticking to your schedule, cleaning as you go, and making little mess as possible are vital things you need to make your apartment tidy and neat all the time.

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