Flexible “Hot Desking” With Innovative Technology

Dec 25, 2020 8:07 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 25, 2020  3:07 PM ET

Desk sharing and flexible workspace assignments aren’t new concepts. They’ve been around for many years. While promising efficient and effective desk and workstation utilization, these concepts had one drawback: Effective implementation! The bottlenecks were desk tracking spreadsheets, paper logbooks, and “automated” software that depended on manual inputs.

All that has changed, thanks to innovative technology that shatters all the stereotypical notions of “hot desking” by adding flexibility to the mix.

Why share workspace?

The idea has always been about optimizing the use of workspace assets. Conference rooms, meeting spaces, desks, and shared cubicles often go underused or overbooked. The solution: Why not manage these assets in a way that colleagues, visitors, and guests shared them without conflict or chaos.

If one asset, like a desk, was in use, find another one quickly for someone who needs a desk. If one person finished the use of a workstation, another colleague should be able to quickly assume the use of it. If all goes per plan (and it seldom does!), the idea of a hot desk makes great sense.  Everyone in search of workspace gets what they’re looking for, and no office asset goes under/over-utilized.

Great concepts. But a nightmare to manage – until now!

Workspace management technology at its best

The challenge has always been planning, organizing, managing, and implementing desk reservation and sharing rules and policies. Over the years, workspace administrators introduced several tools to wrestle the challenge:

– Check-in/out logbooks
– Shared spreadsheets online
– Electronic calendars
– Reservation systems

The reason these don’t work is because they’re manual-entry dependent. It’s too tedious to write or key in loads of data – just to get a desk! The addition of pioneering desk and workspace reservation devices, like FlexCube, changes all that.

Imagine using a QR code to scan and verify the status of any desk, cubicle, or room? Quickly view if that space is free, or how many other people have it reserved. Best of all, this innovative technology uses color-codes to visually let anyone, looking for space, know its status:

 – Green (Desk is available)
 – Red (Desk is in use)
 – Blue (Desk has a permanent user)
 – Yellow (Desk has 30 minutes before it will be available)

When employees don’t have to struggle to get information about desks and work cubicles, “hot desking” becomes an efficient workplace reality – not just an aspiration.

Easy to deploy – easier to use

Wi-Fi enabled, lightweight, and easy to deploy – atop cubicles, besides desks, mounted on walls – these technology-driven solutions make managing office workspace simple and effective. The check-in/out process is quick and seamless too, ensuring the most up-to-the-minute status is available for every desk.

How easy it is, for someone in need of a desk, to take one look around the sprawling office floor, and watch for a Green LED. No more must they wait for the receptionist and ask. The days of calling the office administrator to check availability are no more! The need to consult the humongous Log Book is gone!

With technology-driven workspace management technology like this, the workforce spends more time doing work and less time scavenging for a place to work!