Follow These Advanced SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Feb 10, 2021 11:25 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 10, 2021  6:25 AM ET

Driving more traffic to your page may not be easier if you do not check on the proper areas for the SEO practice. SEO is the most crucial area to check on if you want to have more conversion rate or more organic traffic. Thus SEO is important for the growth of the business. To drive more traffic, it is important for every owner to ensure the most anticipated tactics to give the page a very organic boost.

Thus the success of your website comes up with a better volume of the relevant traffic that you need to generate continuously. Here are some of the advanced SEO tactics that you need to follow to drive more traffic to your page. Have a look:

Focus on the enhancement of your content production:

Websites that publish the SEO optimization of the blog post comes up with a frequent posting range. Enhancing the production of your content thus lets you get better traffic to your page along with the wide range of keywords. It helps to provide more answers to the questions which the people are searching for.

The content frequency should go suitable for your strategy. However, you must not think that frequent content production is the only way to improve your traffic. You need to focus on the improvement of your overall content. Also, it is important to accumulate more backlinks for your website. Focus on publishing content that is informative in nature and adds more value to your website. Avail service from any SEO Company Melbourne to get help in creating more valuable content.

Optimize the featured snippets:

Featured snippets appear along with all the questions which are searched on Google. However, even if your site has a good ranking, you need to focus on driving more traffic using the featured snippets. If your site is having the featured snippets, it gets additional traffic to your site.

To ace position zero, you can duplicate the snippet optimization. For any kind of featured list, you can use the HTML ordered lists. Use the title tags for representing the snippet and subtitle headings. If it comes with a paragraph answer, provide a paragraph answer right at the featured snippet heading.

Opt for clustering your traffic:

The topical relevance of your page works in a great way to give you more web page ranking. A topic cluster works in an effective way. A topic cluster comes with the pillared and clustered content. The pillar pages usually come in long-form. The clustered content helps in link backing to the pillar page. The clustered content also gets linked to another clustered content along with relevant topics.

To get effective clusters to opt for well-researched keywords to create the topic cluster more effectively. It is better to target the long-tail keywords to drive more traffic.  Go for publishing 10X content, which focuses on solving specific problems and lets you rank higher with the search results.

Opt for FAQ structured data markup:

Google comes with the FAQ structured data markup that offers efficient results. You can opt for using the schema to increase the click-through rate that your page tends to receive.  This result comes up with the quotations that you have listed in the form of a drop-down style.

This is quite useful for the sites to increase the click-through rate properly along with the extra space which is being taken on the SERP results. To add the FAQ schema, go for targeting the PAA box. Also, researching the commonly asked questions properly is also recommended. Also, don’t forget to optimize the answers properly.

Go for guest posts on relevant websites:

Guest posting works as a very strong strategy to build the links towards the internal pages on your site. You can easily create more entry points for your readers towards your content. The link building from the high-traffic website helps in streaming more target traffic to boost the credibility of your content.

The clicks that you get from guest posting comes as contextual ones, which is best for your website. Also, go for including links that are relevant for your content on the site. Look for the sites which are authoritative and come with high subscribers to get the referral traffic. Create alliances along with the authors or with the websites to scale the content properly.

It is better to repurpose your top-performing contents:

the top-performing pages on your site need to have variations sometimes. Thus creating the new variation for the content helps you to get guaranteed results. Go for identifying the pages that receive more traffic for your site. You can also check Google Analytics from the left navigation panel to get the report.

The report thus is going to give you a breakdown of the volume on your page view. Also, it gives you the report on the time spent on your most popular pages. You can start with any blog article to create an infographic, slide, or video presentation to mix things.

Consider expertising on Quora:

Quora welcomes more than 300 million visitors every month. There are a huge number of questions that are asked every day that may come into your area for expertising. If you are consistent with answering a few of the questions, then you can easily build a reputation that helps you to get more referral traffic.

The links present on Quora are not followed but still generates more opportunities for sending people high-quality answers. It is better to go beyond the quality standard while responding to get the upvoted answers.

Opt for building local presence:

You can easily drive more local traffic while focusing on the essentials for the local SEO. You must keep your NAP details consistent along with your properly updated GMB profile. Acquiring the local backlinks also works as a very effective way to drive more organic traffic to your website. It is better to aim for the unstructured citations on the local business blog.

Also, you should consider the fact that the infographic generating with more backlinks becomes more effective along with the typical blog posts.

Consider inviting guest authors:

You can also opt for investing authors to your page to write an article on your site. It is one of the best ways to boost your content along with fresh ideas. The article publishing from the guest authors helps you to increase the production of your content and to attract new audiences along with the backlinks.

Better focus on the topic, thus increases the submissions from your guest authors. This also lets you focus on more topics on your blog while covering the keywords that you are targeting. This lets you add more depth to your content.

Opt for the barnacle SEO method:

Quora takes the help of hundreds of questions that helps them to rank on the first page of the search engines. It not only helps you to receive thousands of views from quora but also gives your users better areas to find their answers. You can easily opt for using tools like SEMRush to get the range of Keywords for the Quora rank. Also, it comes with the filtered result for searching your keywords in the top ten of the organic results.  To get more referral links from Quora, look for the questions which are already having more followers.  Make sure the question has a minimum 15 of followers as it works as a long-term strategy.  You need to optimize your profile with the inclusion of a detailed bio along with a link to your website. Make sure the answer is not too much self-promotional. Leaving affiliate links also can be risky on Quora, so check on that.


SEO is not always about following famous and popular strategies; it is also beneficial sometimes to focus on experimentation. Check on the above-mentioned tactics to maintain the SEO properly on your site along with huge traffic.