Former NFL Player Brad Pyatt Discusses How PlantFuel Can Boost Your Next Training Session

Aug 5, 2021 5:00 PM ET

Former NFL player Brad Pyatt recently discussed how PlantFuel can boost your next training session.

Brad Pyatt is a former NFL player and lifelong athlete. He has more than 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industries and has been named one of the top 50 most successful athlete entrepreneurs of all time. Pyatt recently discussed one of his latest releases, the PlantFuel plant-based nutritional supplement brand.

“PlantFuel is our latest addition to the health and wellness sector,” Brad Pyatt said. “It’s a line of products designed to improve your workouts, from a pre-workout blend to protein products, and a recovery product.”

Brad Pyatt explained that PlantFuel is loaded with plant-based ingredients that are scientifically backed. One of the best features of the product is that it is entirely plant-based. This makes it ideal for individuals following a plant-based diet, who have previously had limited access to workout blends and supplements. The plant-based market is often underserved.

“This is a premium product designed for anyone, whether they practice a plant-based diet or not,” Brad Pyatt said. “We are definitely excited to offer a plant-based product to those who have been searching for them for years.”

PlantFuel will be found at GNC stores around the country. GNC is exciting about partnering with the brand because PlantFuel positioning aligns very well with GNC ideals.

PlantFuel is packaged sustainably and only includes the safest, plant-based foods. The product has been clinically proven effective in providing plant-based nutrition and improving performance. The eco-conscious packaging is important for the PlantFuel company, Consumers, and GNC.

“The first products we’ll be launching at GNC will be our All-in-One Pre-Workout formula, our All-in-One Nutrition formula, All-in-One Recovery, Performance Protein, and Daily Immunity and Hydration,” Brad Pyatt said. “These products are designed to work for everyone, plant-based or not.”

Pyatt added that those looking to boost their workouts will appreciate the increased energy and alertness provided in the All-in-One Pre-Workout formula, as well as the Performance Protein product packed with plant-fueled protein. However, all of these products can supply some kind of boost to your workout, including general nutrition, hydration, and more.

“PlantFuel products are workout enhances that you can feel good about using,” Brad Pyatt concluded. “You can feel good about what you’re buying as well as what you’re putting in your body.”

All five PlantFuel products are expected to be available in GNC stores around the country by August 2021. Pyatt is eager to see the product hit the shelves, so athletes and everyday users can begin enjoying the benefits.

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