Fort Lauderdale road becomes the scene of a multiple car collision. How should the drivers involved respond?

Feb 23, 2020 10:05 PM ET

A multiple car crash that dealt serious damage to all vehicles involved happened just south of Fort Lauderdale on Hallandale Beach Boulevard.


Tesla is rear ended at a high speed and several vehicles are affected by the impact

Witnesses said that they are shocked anyone lived based on the severity of the Monday morning accident. A man who saw what happened in the moments before the collision claims that a Nissan GTR was speeding and flew through a red light at the Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Three Islands Boulevard intersections. The Nissan went into the back of a Tesla, and the rear of the vehicle seemed to totally collapse after this initial impact. The driver of the Tesla was miraculously uninjured.

When the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue responded to the scene, they transported three people to the local Memorial Regional Hospital. In total, four injuries were reported and one of those people was seriously hurt.

Pictures from the scene showed a black Tesla Model X ripped in half in the middle of the intersection surrounded by fire trucks. Another witness claims that after the Tesla was struck, wheels and car parts flew all over the road and hit additional vehicles. A black Ford Mustang and a red Volkswagen vehicle were also damaged and towed away from the scene. The driver of the Nissan that started the chain reaction went into a tree after he hit the Tesla and lost control. He was one of the people transported to the hospital.

Traffic on Hallandale Beach Boulevard westbound was stopped for about two hours while the debris was cleared and the area was secured. Police confirmed that the driver of the Nissan would receive traffic citations for various infractions.

Hallandale Beach is a town located a few miles south of the city of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County.


How to deal with a serious accident

Whether you are involved in a car crash, truck accident, or any kind of motor vehicle incident, it is recommended to contact a lawyer in your area after filing an insurance claim and a police report. In some cases, a lawsuit can be filed against a business even if their vehicle was being used for commercial purposes rather than transportation. Accident lawsuits help pay for large scale losses that may not be covered by standard insurance claims.

In a situation like this where the driver at fault was seen speeding and issued citation, these pieces of evidence can help the other drivers. Traffic violations are routinely used to help prove negligence during civil lawsuits.


Speak with an attorney in Fort Lauderdale for more information

There are lawyers who focus on assisting people with the aftermath of a car crash. Madalon Law is ready to assist with the process of paying for losses caused by an accident. 

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