Fort Meade Relocation Considerations: What serving military families should keep in mind

Dec 15, 2021 9:44 PM ET

If you are a service person stationed in Ft. Meade, and have received orders to relocate elsewhere – perhaps within Maryland, out of state, or even overseas – then you should read this post. During the span of your relocation, you could build considerable equity in your current Ft. Meade home by renting it. And, if you’re in-bound into Ft. Meade, and need to find a rental unit, then this post will help.

However, juggling military orders and a rental agreement in Maryland might be tough going for some service families. In times like these, a trust-worthy rental property management company might be your best ally.


A Lot on the Go

Veteran service members, who have been through dozens of transfers and secondments, may have it down pat. But if you are new to relocations, then selling your existing home, and finding a new place to move to might be overwhelming for some families. But why sell your home when you could be unlocking tremendous value from it. If you consult with an expert in military rentals by owner at Ft Meade, they tell you exactly how it’s done.

With all you and your family have on the go, now might not be the best time to unload your home and walk away. Renting it out can be a great steady income stream, while it’s also appreciating in value. If you must return to Maryland, or back to the Ft. Meade area in a few years, you could potentially reap the rewards by coming back to a more valuable asset.

And if you are in-bound to Ft. Meade, your rental property agent can support you there too.


Worth Considering

So, whether you wish to put your home on rent, or want to rent a unit in the Ft. Meade area, what should military families relocating from/to Ft. Meade consider? Well, here’s some food for thought:

1. Dedication: Overseeing both, your military orders and rental agreement in Maryland takes away time from other priorities, such as finding a new home, evaluating kid’s schooling, arranging home care options for elderly or disabled family members. That’s why you need a dedicated rental property manager – not a real estate agent – to deal with all rental issues in your absence.

2. Reputation: Being away from your property for extended periods, means you’ll leave your highest-priced asset in the charge of someone else. That’s why you should only work with a trustworthy property manager with a stellar reputation.  

3. Technology: Being away means not having the luxury of meeting your property manager whenever or wherever you want.  That’s where, working with a technology-savvy specialist in military rentals by owner at Ft Meade helps. Their online portal can give you a detailed view of what’s happening with your property back in Ft. Meade. From rent collection, to maintenance requests, accounting reports and tenant services. It’s as if you’ve never left your home. Sign-on any time, remotely and securely, and catch up with all that’s important.

For military families looking to transfer into Ft. Meade, a rental property manager also provides a one-window link between property owner and renter. Even though the homeowner might not be physically present, the property manager acts as his/her agent, delivering transparent, and seamless services. It relieves the stress of finding a rental property on your own.

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