Fort Myers stabbing results in the death of one man. Why is it important that any suspect in the case receives adequate representation from a defense attorney?

Mar 3, 2020 4:05 PM ET

A criminal conviction can have a number of serious consequences for the defendant. This can include loss of employment and future opportunities, as well as lengthy prison sentences.


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fatal stabbing in Fort Myers, Florida on a Saturday night.


Knife fight stabbing takes the life of a man

Police believe that the incident was tied to a knife fight that got serious. The situation began at about 7pm when police received an emergency call to respond to Cross Creek Boulevard. There were initially only reports of injuries. 

Later on that night, one male suspect was found dead on the scene and law enforcement began the process of conducting a homicide investigation. The stabbing was an isolated incident, and was not considered to be part of a larger crime spree or terrorist actions.


Felonies for serious crimes

Crimes such as murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter are all felonies that can carry sentences of decades in prison or more. Before making any important decisions related to the possibility of a defense, it is best to speak with an attorney and understand the charges as well as any other important issues that are related to the case. Police officers and prosecutors are not in a position to give out any advice to the person who is accused. Therefore, retaining an attorney is crucial to have any chance of success. 


The necessity of criminal defense

Criminal defense lawyers are an important way that the public is protected from mistakes by law enforcement and the criminal justice system. If someone is going to spend decades or life in prison for homicide, it is important that the state can prove the identity of the killer and all elements of the crime beyond any reasonable doubt. There are also a number of procedural issues outlined in the constitution that must be followed. If a lawyer detects errors in any of these steps during an investigation, it may be possible to have evidence suppressed or the case thrown out. These protections were built into the American legal system to help prevent situations where innocent people would be put in prison or coerced into admitting to crimes that they did not commit. 

This process is so crucial that the government will even provide lawyers to clients who cannot afford them in certain cases. This is why public defender offices exist throughout the United States.


Learn more about getting help after an arrest

There are criminal defense lawyers who can assist with fighting against the state’s charges in Fort Myers and nearby areas. The Law Office of Michael M. Raheb is available to provide professional representation.

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