Fortnite Tips That Work

Nov 6, 2020 2:24 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 6, 20209:24 AM ET

Rivalry in tech isn’t uncommon, from Samsung and Apple to play station and Xbox, and so is in the gaming industry. First, there was PUBG, AAA battle royal game but then came Fortnite. It is also a battle royal but in a more fun and cartoonish way that suits its art style and overall game play. If you have got your copy from black Friday deals and playing it on your phone, PC, laptop, or console then you will be wondering how to get the most out of this game then don’t worry and continue reading the following.

Avoid Noise

First of all, you must avoid noise as much as you can. This is especially effective when you are low on ammo and health and other players are in your surrounding or else they will detect you and take advantage. In simple words, you must walk then running or you should crouch instead of standing as the other players may detect you. And before you build or scavenge different resources, make sure you have checked your surroundings.

The Paranoid Strategy

If you have got the game from the cyber Monday deal and now playing it as a simple fun to play then my friend this game isn’t for you. You will need to be active throughout the whole game play. This game isn’t for you if you have a weak heart. So, before you start playing it casually then mind that someone is already near you. They will be ready to aim at you with their guns. Don’t do a quick act but wait when you hear a move.

Buy Headphones

Buy good quality headphones if you want to enjoy yourself with your fellow players or you just want to enjoy this game. This is the game where you can beat other players if you know their location. This is where the quality headphones come in. You can watch out and beware of those who are around you.

Shield Potions Drinks

As soon as you get a shield potion, don’t delay’ just drink it. This potion will give you a shield that will be very helpful throughout the game. However, if you fall then you will not protect. Though you can stack the two as the game give you the opportunity. That will result in good advantageous gameplay overall.

The Game of Circle

Keep an eye on the circle which will be coming to swallow you. This is why you will need to make every decision carefully. Notice the direction as soon as the circle is started to shrink. Your priority should be reaching the safety zone so if you found a player and can’t beat them then just move on.

The Looting Isn’t Easy

Unlike the existing battle royal games, don’t just reach to the body right when you have killed them. This is because the other players will be near you so take every step carefully. You will be most vulnerable when you are looking so, take care of this.