Frederick Fields Little Rock Publishes Book to Bridge Divide with Parents of Recent Generations

Feb 11, 2021 7:27 AM ET

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Frederick Fields Little Rock Talks About His New Book Written for Educators

Frederick Fields Little Rock‘s new book speaks to educators’ communication with the parents of recent generations.

Frederick Fields Little Rock recently published a book for educators called Educator’s Strategies for Effective Relationships and Conversations with Millennial and Generation Z Parents. The book aims to help educators better connect with parents of these groups through real-life scenarios described in the book. It teaches educators not only how to talk to parents, but also how to overcome a crisis. Frederick Fields Little Rock understands the value of teachers and that certainly comes across in his book. “Teachers need to be effective communicators with both student and parents,” says Frederick Fileds Little Rock. “My book aims to help teachers achieve effective, empathetic communication with parents of these particular generations.”

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Some of the chapters focus on things like meeting the parents of these generations where they are. In other words, teachers need to understand that these parents have a lot more stress in their lives than baby boomers ever seemed to have. Social media, the pandemic, and life, in general, is changing so fast that these parents have a hard time keeping up, even when their kids don’t seem to. The book goes on to look at the foundations of communication before getting into the meat of how to be an effective communicator with these groups of parents, according to Frederick Fields Little Rock.

The sincerity of the book, along with the way Frederick Fields Little Rock tells his story is not only educational, it is entertaining. Story after story illustrates what effective communication is and what it isn’t. “People have resonated with stories for thousands of years. It’s really the best way to get your point across because you can use real-world examples,” says Frederick Fields Little Rock. “The stories I include in my book are quite personal”, says Frederick Fields Little Rock. “But I hope for that to be the appeal of the book. That it’s coming from a place of compassion.”

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Asked if this book can be used to help teachers better communicate with parents during the pandemic where many schools are engaged in distance learning. “Absolutely. Books like this are needed more now than ever,” Frederick Fields Little Rock says. “Many people are feeling isolated and cut off from others. And while communication may often be limited to online platforms, the rules of engagement still apply.”