Free Background Check Online: Use Free and Private Company Tools For Best Results.

Oct 11, 2021 6:43 PM ET

Using Private and Free Background Check Tools.

People aren’t informed of all the resources available to complete a background check for the most part. Background checks can be used every day and help safeguard ourselves from harm while researching someone before going on a date with them or getting into a business partnership with someone, for example!

You can’t be too careful these days. That’s why we offer a wide range of databases that can help protect your family and financials, including background checks on just about anyone through a nationwide database to ensure you’re covering more ground.

Nationwide Background Checks Online

Nationwide background check databases are put together by collecting public record information from all 50 states and counties where available. Private companies do this; the government doesn’t offer a system like this to the general public, but it can be done through private background check databases. Many private databases will also include personal information such as current and old addresses, cell phone numbers, or even social media information. It’s important to remember that these aren’t free tools, but they can be beneficial when starting with your background check!

With just a name, anyone can pull up all sorts of information with the click of a button. Private national databases are practically instant and easy to use for those who need them in their day-to-day lives or business endeavors. A local search can be used to do an even deeper analysis of the nationwide hits found using it.

The only thing standing between you and the peace of mind is a simple background check. Visit now to get started with an instant nationwide history search from your device!

Background Checks At The State Level

With the help of the state police, you can get a statewide background check done; this type of search typically focuses on only criminal records with convictions.

The counties provide the state with criminal court case information. Unfortunately, these databases may not always be up-to-date and might fail to show all convictions or ongoing cases. The databases in a state can be an excellent resource for anyone looking to do a criminal check on someone. A state background check can also be used as a pointer to a county criminal court record check.

Find the proper state criminal background check resources; our list of resources will help. We have links for every state and provide more information on each one, including an overview at

County-Level Background Check

Local databases are a treasure trove of information for anyone needing to do the best background check possible. The county and city courts have the most up-to-date information, which means they can be used in combination with state databases and nationwide ones for the best results possible. For those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty searching through new and old court records from decades ago (and sometimes further back). Local checks are where it’s at.

For the best results, it’s important to check all of your area hits gathered from nationwide checks to ensure you do not miss any potential leads. Make sure also to check all of the current and old residences and any job and school locations they may have attended. For local court record databases, try

Federal Court Records

The federal criminal court is one more system to check when trying to do the best background check possible. The federal government court processes bankruptcies, white-collar offenses, and cross-state situations that will not show up on state and county public records. So it’s imperative to do thorough research also using federal courts in some instances. There are 94 federal district courts across our country, which all have access to databases with criminal and civil records. These can help tremendously if used correctly by anyone.


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Free Background Check

This topic gets brought up quite a bit, and the answer can go either way. For anyone looking for an all-inclusive system that does everything on their behalf without any input or assistance from them, then it would be a no; good large databases require lots of people with ample resources to maintain, so they’re costly both monetarily speaking as well as time-wise considering how much workforce goes into keeping it going.

Public records can be your best friend, and for the most part, they are free. They have everything that is publicly available and will allow the general public free access without requiring them to provide any personal information beyond a manual request.

Most Common Public Records For Free Background Checks Online.

Court Records Civil and Criminal.

Court records are official documents that contain intimate details about the lives of people in their communities. There are two different kinds of courts, civil and criminal; cases can involve criminal activities, assets, or constitutional legal rights like freedom of speech, for example – but no matter what type it may, there will always be a way to access them unless the records are considered sensitive.

The type most people think about when they hear “court record” would be criminal cases where there has been at least one government agency action alongside another person or business organization being represented by lawyers representing themselves during proceedings to establish guilt/innocence on behalf of their client(s).

Offender Registry

The Offender Registration and Notification Act of 2001 (SORNA) is a federal law that requires states to register any person who has been convicted of certain predatory crimes with the FBI’s database. These registrants are publicly identified and monitored for their whereabouts by local authorities and organizations within our society like schools or businesses where children may frequent; they can also be searched online at the county, state, and national levels.

Jail and Prison Inmate Check (Incarceration Records)

The USA has a well-organized criminal justice system. Every criminal is assigned an inmate number, and these records show what they did while in prison, how long for, etc., which can help their release date be determined or postponed if necessary by giving information about forthcoming court hearings on bail agreements. To find inmate records, see local resources.

Real Estate Records

Real estate recordings are legal records that include essential details about real estate or a parcel of land and the owners. Real property typically refers to the document that purports who has current control over it. It is referred to as a deed with multiple titles registered under a name at varying levels, including covenants, agreements, etc.

Recorder’s Office Records

The recorder’s office has the most comprehensive collection of county property records. More than 100 different types of documents are stored here, including deeds and mortgages from back in the day or current.

Business Lookup

Business records are submitted to a government institution for taxation and other reasons. The public can access this information, who may find it interesting or valuable in their research.

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