Friday Plans Review: Is Friday Plans Legit? Is Friday Plans Safe? Friday Plans Cost, Friday Plans Reviews, Friday Plans Complaints, and More!

Jun 8, 2023 7:00 PM ET

If you have been searching for an accessible and discreet solution to ED, you might have stumbled upon Friday Plans. Friday Plans is an online pharmacy service, licensed in 44 states in the US to prescribe ED medication online and deliver it directly to patients.

Friday Plans has been generating buzz in the ED medication industry by offering FDA-approved ED medicaton at a remarkably low price—as low as 87 cents per tablet. And unlike most pharmacies, Friday Plans charges the same low price for all doses, so you can get 100mg tablets of ED medication for as little as 87 cents! Friday Plans also provides qualifying customers with free prescriptions and complimentary 3 day shipping!

To get a free prescription from Friday Plans, you simply fill out Friday Plans’ 2 minute medical questionnaire online. Once you submit your answers, a Friday Plans doctor reviews your answers and writes you a free prescription online, if appropriate.

In this Friday Plans review, we’ll dive into Friday Plans’ world of telehealth, discussing the company’s products and services, as well as its pros and cons. We’ll also explore some health benefits, risks, and alternatives for a well-rounded understanding.

What’s Friday Plans All About?

Founded in 2021, Friday Plans is a telehealth company focusing on ED. The main idea is to offer virtual medical advice and treatment to those who are too busy or unable to visit a doctor in person. This is certainly a good selling point for the company, but it’s not the only thing they bring to the table.

Based on Friday Plans reviews, Friday Plans customers seem chiefly excited about their incredibly low prices—as low as 87¢ per tablet, regardless of dose—plus free prescriptions and free 3 day delivery.

In fact, tablets from Friday Plans cost so little that Friday Plans’ offer initially caused some people to wonder, “Is Friday Plans legit?”, and “Is Friday Plans safe?”

The good news is, not only is Friday Plans a legitimate, LegitScript-approved telehealth platform, their medication is FDA-approved, so you can trust their quality.


Who’s the Target Audience?

Friday Plans is designed for adult males who experience ED. To use the service, you must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States, where Friday Plans is licensed to prescribe and deliver ED medication.

Friday Plans’ Reputation and Reviews

With an average Trustpilot rating of 4.2 out of 5, Friday Plans seems to have a lot of satisfied customers. To get a sense of the Friday Plans experience, check out these Friday Plans reviews from Trustpilot and the BBB (Better Business Bureau):



Positive Friday Plans reviews usually highlight the low price of their ED medication compared to other FDA-approved sources. One feature of Friday Plans that sets it apart from the competition is their commitment to “the same price for all doses”, meaning that customers don’t pay more if they need a stronger dose. In fact, Friday Plans’ low price and convenience seems to have caused some men to wonder, “Is Friday Plans legit?” However, those who signed up for Friday Plans were pleasantly surprised to discover that the company delivered on its promises.



Customers also appreciate Friday Plans’ smooth prescription process, which in most cases consists of a simple online medical questionnaire. Customers also appreciate being notified within a couple of hours whether their prescription has been approved and receiving a shipment confirmation within 24 hours of signing up.

In contrast, Friday Plans complaints typically stem from Friday Plans’ limited medication options, which may not be suitable for all men, either due to allergies or personal preference.

The Pros and Cons of Friday Plans

Let’s break Friday Plans pros and cons, as well as Friday Plans’ cost.


Convenience: Friday Plans streamlines everything from assessment to purchase in one online process.

Low Price: ED medication for as little as 87¢ per tablet, regardless of dose.

Free Prescriptions Online: In most cases, men with ED can obtain a free prescription from Friday Plans simply by filling out a brief online questionnaire.

Free 3 Day Shipping: Friday Plans offers free 3 day shipping on all orders. Your medication arrives in a plain white package to protect your privacy.

FDA-Approved: Friday Plans ED medication is FDA-approved, so you can be confident in its purity and potency.

US-Licensed Doctors: You can trust that every medical professional you interact with through Friday Plans is fully licensed in their state.

HIPAA Compliant: All of the information you provide to Friday Plans is protected by HIPAA, meaning it cannot be shared with any third party without your permission.


Limited availability: Not available in certain states and territories.

Health insurance not accepted: Friday Plans does not accept health insurance, although it’s worth noting that the out-of-pocket costs of Friday Plans are so low that this won’t be a concern for most.

The Takeaway

Friday Plans offers a convenient and affordable telehealth solution for men’s ED treatment. With FDA-approved medication and licensed doctors, the company seems promising. And with their free online consultations, free shipping, and low per-tablet costs, Friday Plans may appeal to men who want to save money without sacrificing quality.

If you would like to see if you qualify for Friday Plans, you can start by taking Friday Plans’ online medical questionnaire.


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