From Academia to the Slopes: Douglas Hoehn’s Remarkable Journey as a Snowboard Instructor

Oct 30, 2023 8:00 PM ET


In academia’s realm lies an unexplored journey. It’s transforming individuals not only through textbooks, but across exciting new domains, like Douglas Hoehn, a distinguished professor at Bergen Community College who chose an unexpected path – snowboarding instructor.

Growing up, Hoehn was passionate about education. His expertise and knowledge made him a great professor. But hidden inside Hoehn was an adventurous spirit, wanting to escape the classroom.

One winter break vacation, Hoehn rediscovered his love for snowboarding. The thrill of gliding down slopes unleashed his untamed spirit. This inspired him to become a snowboard instructor.

Hoehn faced several challenges. He had to adapt his teaching skills to practical instruction on the slopes. From perfecting techniques to mastering safety protocols, he remained dedicated, and persevered.

Eventually, Hoehn excelled. Applying academic principles to practical training made him stand out. Students flocked to his unique approach to snowboard instruction.

Today, Hoehn cherishes every moment teaching snowboarding. His journey urges us to embrace the extraordinary beyond our comfort zones. It’s a testament to the transformative power of unfamiliar paths and rethinking education beyond boundaries.

The Journey Begins: From Classroom to Slopes

Douglas Hoehn’s extraordinary journey began with transitioning from the classroom to the exhilaration of the slopes. Armed with his expertise as a professor, he ventured into snowboarding instruction. His dedication spurred him to acquire certifications and hone his skills.

Breaking down concepts and guiding beginners brought immense joy. His unwavering commitment to continuous growth and improvement fuels his passion for delivering exceptional instruction. 

He bridges gaps between theory and practice. Douglas truly embodies what it means to follow your heart.

In 2019, he was awarded “Instructor of the Year” by Snow Pro magazine.

Gaining Expertise: Training and Certification

Douglas Hoehn wanted to be a great snowboard instructor. He trained hard and got certifications. Here are the essential points of his journey:

He began with the Snowboard Instructor Level 1 course.
He improved communication with students with practical sessions.
He studied safety measures and got First Aid and CPR certifications.
He attended meetings to learn new teaching strategies.
He even got Level 2 and Freestyle Instructor certifications.

Douglas didn’t stop there. He sought new opportunities to learn. He competed and trained at different resorts to gain real-world experience.

An interesting fact is that Douglas took part in the Interski International Congress. This event is where top snow sports experts meet every four years to share ideas and show their skills.

Teaching Techniques and Methods

Douglas Hoehn’s snowboard instructor techniques are remarkable. He joins his knowledge with his enthusiasm for skiing, creating a unique style that amazes and encourages his students.

He uses a hands-on method. Douglas wants his students to be involved in the learning process from the beginning. He knows the strength of experiential learning and enables his students to test real-life scenarios on the slopes. This helps them understand better and improves their confidence and autonomy.

In addition, Douglas understands the importance of individualized instruction. He adjusts his teaching methods to each student’s learning style and level. He can use visuals or words to ensure every student feels supported and challenged in their snowboarding experience.

Plus, Douglas innovates by using technology. He gives his students feedback through video analysis tools. This helps them to see areas for improvement and their successes instantly. This tech integration allows students to see their progress and aim for greater heights.

Douglas also makes safety a priority. He teaches his students the proper techniques and practices, giving them the skills to move confidently on the slopes. His dedication to safety builds trust between him and his students, creating an atmosphere where they can develop physically and mentally.

Douglas believes that students should set goals. This encourages them to go beyond their limits and grow their snowboarding skills.

Impact on Students and the Snowboarding Community

Douglas Hoehn’s influence on students and the snowboarding world has been immense. His teaching strength as a snowboard instructor has not only boosted his students to increase their skills on the slopes but also aided in the growth of the snowboarding community.

Throughout his career, Hoehn has trained numerous students. His teaching ways are unique and valuable, allowing his students to comprehend the basics quickly and progress quickly. A lot of his students have gone on to be successful competitive snowboarders and have credited Hoehn for their success.

Hoehn’s influence goes beyond individual students. He is involved in community events and activities that promote snowboarding. His presence in coaching clinics and workshops helps other instructors enhance their coaching styles and builds a robust network within the snowboarding community. By sharing his knowledge, Hoehn is aiding collective growth, which benefits everybody.

A unique part of Hoehn’s approach is his stress on safety. He tries to educate his students about safety measures on the slopes, ensuring they have fun while being protected. This focus on safety has earned him great respect among students and fellow instructors.

Besides being a fantastic instructor, Hoehn also displays the spirit of tenacity. Despite many difficulties, he stayed devoted to his love for snowboarding and helping others find their passion for the sport. This courage has encouraged many of his students and colleagues, proving that one can achieve their aims with hard work and determination.

Hoehn’s effect on both students and the snowboarding world is enormous. Through his teaching skills, involvement in community activities, emphasis on safety, and inspirational stories, he continues to make a long-term impression on those who cross his path. Hoehn’s contributions and impact will remain remarkable as the snowboarding universe continues expanding.

Lessons Learned: Reflections on the Journey

Douglas Hoehn has gained invaluable insights from academia to the slopes. These lessons have helped him in teaching as well as personal growth.

Embrace Unknown: Stepping out of his comfort zone and being open to new challenges helped Hoehn learn to navigate unfamiliar terrains and develop as an instructor.
Learning Mindset: He must maintain a continuous learning mindset to stay ahead in the ever-evolving industry. Being curious and listening to feedback helped him refine his skills.
Adaptability is Power: Adapting his instructional methods to the needs of each student fostered a supportive environment and taught him the power of adaptability.
Resilience Builder: Snowboarding tested his resilience, and overcoming obstacles such as bad weather and physical exertion helped him build strength in other aspects of life.
Communication is Art: Clarity, patience, and empathy helped Hoehn form connections with his students and facilitate their progress on the slopes.

He looks for ways to improve himself as an instructor by participating in professional development workshops. This gives his students the latest teaching techniques.

Douglas Hoehn has had an incredible journey as a snowboard instructor – a true testament to the power of passion and determination. From a professor at Bergen Community College to an esteemed snowboarding instructor, his story is one of resilience and adaptability.

Hoehn’s unique skillset allows him to reach students outside the traditional classroom. He incorporates snowboarding into his teaching methods, inspiring and motivating young learners in a way that surpasses books and lectures.

What sets Hoehn apart from other instructors is his dedication to personal growth. No matter the challenge, he pushes himself out of his comfort zone, seeking new learning opportunities and ways to improve himself. His commitment to honing his craft is remarkable, whether it be more difficult slopes or advanced certifications.

One instance that brilliantly illustrates Hoehn’s enthusiasm for academia and snowboarding happened on a research trip to Europe. While at a conference, he spotted a chance to hit the slopes in his free time. Without hesitation, he arranged an impromptu snowboarding lesson for educators. This experience displayed his ability to combine two different worlds and further strengthened his belief in the power of experiential learning.

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