Gabriel Btesh Proud to Honor Continued Commitment to Socially Conscious Property Development

May 27, 2020 4:05 PM ET

Panama-based industry veteran Gabriel Btesh shines a new spotlight on his decades-long commitment to socially conscious construction.

Following three decades of continued success in the industry, Gabriel Btesh remains committed to a promise that he first made to himself regarding socially conscious construction more than 30 years ago. Shining a new spotlight on his ever-forward-thinking approach to both business and well-being in the Republic of Panama, Panama City-based Btesh offers a fresh look at his socially conscious approach to property development in the Central and South American nation.

“For more than 30 years, I’ve continually sought toward increased standards of living and heightened levels of well-being,” explains Gabriel Btesh, “both here in Panama City and elsewhere across the Republic of Panama.”

Part of what he calls socially conscious property development, an undying commitment to improved industry standards has seen the construction company owner’s business flourish. “Part of my continued commitment to socially conscious property development, I’ve helped to raise levels of architectural integrity in Panama again and again during my three decades in construction,” reveals Gabriel Btesh.

Successfully creating a legacy, Gabriel Btesh says that much of his work is about the advances being made each and every day toward increased standards of living and well-being in Panama. “Simply put, I’ve always yearned to do what was right, both in life and in work,” explains Btesh.

Yet, Gabriel Btesh says, 30 years ago, he never would’ve dared to dream that as an individual, or even at the helm of an immensely successful construction firm, as he is today, he and his staff would achieve such success. “It’s not just about success in business, but about a more socially conscious approach to life in general,” Gabriel Btesh suggests. “To say that it has proved to be rewarding would be an understatement,” he adds.

From designing and constructing safe and comfortable living spaces in his creatively structured residential project work, to completing a tremendous number of retail, leisure, and entertainment spaces across the country, the benefits of Gabriel Btesh‘s work have been far-reaching. “From creatively structured and affordable-yet-luxurious apartment complexes catering for local families to five-star hotels and casinos, not only has my company improved standards of living, but together, we’ve created tens of thousands of jobs and massively bolstered the Panamanian economy in the process,” reveals Btesh.

Gabriel Btesh’s socially conscious approach to living and well-being has also seen him feature gyms, areas for socializing, and creative spaces in each of his builds wherever possible.

“From giving young families a comfortable, safe, and stylish—yet ultimately affordable—place to live, to creating jobs by the thousand and boosting the nation’s economy year after year, there’s much that I’ve achieved,” says Gabriel Btesh. “Looking back now, a socially conscious approach to construction and property development has, I believe,” he adds, wrapping up, “proved to be the most beneficial and rewarding thing I could’ve ever done, both in work, and in life.”

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