Gabriel Gaby Btesh Dishes on What Every Construction Professional Should Know

Apr 28, 2020 3:05 AM ET

Gabriel Gaby Btesh continues to inspire industry leaders and workers worldwide with his celebrated approach to construction and contracting.

Construction businesses have been around for as long as there have been buildings. However, most professionals in the field come and go without ever making their mark on the industry at large. Gabriel Gaby Btesh isn’t one of them. The way he helms his Panama company, Btesh Construction, has been inspiring his peers for many years now. Here’s a closer look at a few of the most important principles Gabriel Gaby Btesh credits with his unparalleled success.

Gabriel Gaby Btesh on Giving Back

Entrepreneurs like Btesh believe strongly in the connection between a company and the communities it serves. Since its start, Btesh Construction has been about more than simply raising structures and turning a profit. It’s also been about mindfulness when it comes to how each new structure will impact its location, the nearby neighborhoods, and the people who call them home. Gabriel Gaby Btesh has been especially vocal about his passion for improving the lives of Latin Americans in general and Panamanians in particular.

Gabriel Gaby Btesh on Creating Jobs

According to Btesh, a construction company should be useful to people on more than one level. In addition to building strong, useful structures with purpose, such a company should create jobs for hard-working locals who need them. Through his own company, Gabriel Gaby Btesh has created more than 10,000 construction jobs. Because of the nature of the construction business, each project has, in turn, generated thousands of additional related jobs, and that’s thanks to the efforts of a single company. Btesh believes an ideal world would find every construction company making a similar impact on the local communities where they build.

Gabriel Gaby Btesh on Raising Standards

Prioritizing the practical daily needs of citizens and communities alike is only part of Btesh’s mission when it comes to Btesh Construction. He’s spoken multiple times about his commitment to quality and integrity in the work he does as well. High-quality materials and superior workmanship add up to longer-lasting structures that are better at serving the purposes for which they were built. Gabriel Gaby Btesh aims to enrich family communities by not only providing them with beautiful, safe spaces in which to live and work but by inspiring to expect more from the companies that serve them.

To Gabriel Gaby Btesh, construction companies should make the world a better place by being mindful of their impact and showing the rest of the world exactly what’s possible when company leaders focus on doing good business. Btesh hopes that by sharing his philosophy with the rest of the industry, he can inspire others in his field to raise their standards in kind.

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