Gabriel Gaby Btesh Explores Downtown Streetscape Project Planned for Panama City

May 15, 2020 2:55 AM ET

Construction company boss Gabriel Gaby Btesh takes a closer look at plans for new downtown streetscape project in Panama City, Panama.

Designed to make Panama City’s famous downtown district more accessible, from Harrison Avenue and Government Street to the city’s marina, an all-new streetscape project has recently been unveiled by officials. A leading local construction company owner, Gabriel Gaby Btesh provides a closer look at the plans, and what the project means for Panama City, its residents, and visitors to the bustling modern city, framed by the Pacific Ocean, alike.

“Panama City officials are reportedly moving forward with plans to design a more sociable, more walkable downtown,” reveals Gabriel Gaby Btesh, speaking from his office in the city.

A recent commissioners meeting, it’s believed, has seen a starting total of approximately $180,000 allotted to engineering works essential to kickstart the project, according to Gabriel Gaby Btesh. “The initial six-figure sum, it’s been suggested, will fund engineering works relating to the reconstruction of Harrison Avenue,” explains Btesh, “starting at Government Street and continuing to the southernmost side of the city’s 4th Street.”

Gabriel Gaby Btesh understands, he says, that a number of detailed aerial images of Harrison Avenue were carefully studied by city commissioners in the process of establishing the necessary first stages of the work on the area. “A strategic vision for Panama City’s downtown area has been drafted by the city, detailing work to make it a more sociable, more walkable place in which to spend time,” reveals the construction company boss.

The city’s new vision for downtown Panama City is understood to entail a bustling area with abundant space for foot traffic and further space set aside solely for outdoor dining. “The work will ultimately take in approximately 100 feet to both the east and the west of Harrison Avenue,” explains Gabriel Gaby Btesh, “and along Government Street, Oak Avenue, and Beach Drive, too.”

The downtown streetscape project will stop short of 6th Street, according to Gabriel Gaby Btesh. “It’s hoped that improvements on Government Street and 4th Street will, however, prompt further construction in and around immediate downtown Panama City,” suggests the construction expert.

Plans are already afoot, he goes on to point out, to break ground on an all-new $20 million, 120-room marina hotel at some point next year, although further details remain limited. “Further restaurants, bars, a paddleboard launch, an amphitheater, and a public promenade are also planned,” adds Btesh.

It remains unclear, for now, when the finalized streetscape project will reach completion. “What is clear, however,” adds Gabriel Gaby Btesh, wrapping up, “is that the work will promote the continued enjoyment of Panama City’s famous and historic downtown district, all easily walkable, and extending right out to the marina.”

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