Garcetti urges LA to wear facewear when performing important public tasks

Apr 2, 2020 11:50 PM ET

Mayor Eric Garcetti joined growing pressure that residents should wear face coverings in public.

The centers for disease control and prevention have argued that healthy people do not need a mask when they are not working in healthcare or caring for an infected person.

But in the past few days, the CDC has considered whether Change the recommendations and advocate the use of homemade masks.

“I can tell you that the data and this question whether it will help [to prevention] is currently being aggressively reviewed, ”said Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC director. said NPR.

Riverside County released the new mask guide Tuesday, so important Tasks like grocery shopping and medical visits.

“The face coverings do not have to be suitable for hospitals, but cover the nose and mouth. For example, head scarves, cloth masks and neck gaiters are acceptable. Fabric covers and head scarves can be washed and reused, ”said the district.

Officials said the recommendation was based on new knowledge about the corona virus.

“When the situation changes, the rules change,” ; said Dr. Cameron Kaiser, health officer of Riverside County, in a statement. “We are seeing our numbers rise earlier than predicted, and that means our strategy has to change too.”

At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Garcetti said he was waiting for advice on masks from the CDC, but with the rise in the COVID 19 rate, decided not to wait any longer.

The mayor said that anyone doing essentials such as grocery shopping should wear homemade, non-medical facewear or even head scarves, as people in other countries have done.

“To be clear, you should still stay at home. This is no excuse for everyone to suddenly go out, ”said Garcetti.

He added that people should not use medical masks that are in short supply and needed by health care workers and first responders.

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