Gary Indiana bus accident hurts several people. Who will pay for the losses?

Feb 20, 2020 6:05 PM ET

Accidents on commercial transportation vehicles are frightening because the company who operates the vehicle violated the trust of the passengers, and did not get them to their destination safely. 

Almost 50 people were affected by a bus accident caused by an 82 year old driver in Gary, Indiana.


Church bus crashes on Indiana Toll Road

The incident began when the driver of a church group bus was returning from a youth basketball event at the Chicago Bulls game. At one point during their return on the highway, multiple people could be heard yelling at the driver to keep his eyes open. He passed out and stopped responding, then the bus veered off of the road. Police found the damaged bus on a rock filled embankment near the Cline Ave exit at about 10:30pm that night when they arrived on the scene. Investigators believe that the front end tires of the bus came off of the ground near the gravel on the side of the road. The initial impact threw several passengers from their seats. The embankment, which was designed by engineers, likely prevented the accident from causing even more damage. Witnesses claim that the bus was still probably going about 30 to 40 miles per hour when it left the road surface.

A number of victims between the ages of 10 and 49 had to be taken to local hospitals after the crash. Adults who were with the group reported that the children were hysterical due to the nature of the accident. Police believe the driver was drunk at the time, and he will be facing criminal charges as well. He was charged with additional felonies for operating a commercial vehicle while intoxicated and causing bodily injury.  

The ministry that owns the bus is based out of Gary, but they declined to issue any comments to the media or answer any phone calls.


Large losses sustained in bus accidents

Bus accidents are problematic because a large number of victims will face the injuries, missed time from work, and other issues caused by one careless driver. The sum of all of these damages can be huge, and the company that owns and operates the bus may have to pay for everything.


Transportation companies will often take out special high risk insurance policies due to the fact that fleet vehicles can be responsible for millions of dollars worth of injuries after an accident that hurts dozens of people.


Learn more about accidents and legal remedies


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