Gary Indiana driver causes several fatalities while going the wrong way on a highway

Apr 1, 2020 5:05 PM ET

Fatal incidents can happen on the roads, at work, or in a number of different situations. The law gives the victim’s family a reliable way to collect money to pay for costs related to a deadly accident through wrongful death claims.

An accident involving a driver going the wrong way took the lives of multiple victims in Gary, Indiana.


Crash on Indiana Toll Road kills an entire family

The incident began when an SUV was going westbound in the eastbound lanes on the Indiana Toll Road near the Grant Street exit. It was about 1:30am at the time, and the vehicle did not have its headlights on. The SUV drove straight into a Jeep that was in the left eastbound lane.

As soon as the Indiana State Police arrived, they attempted to begin life saving procedures on a passenger and a child in the Jeep. These attempts were unsuccessful and both were confirmed dead a short time later. The occupants of the vehicle were a 45 year old male, his 34 year old wife, and their 14 year old son. All were pronounced dead within an hour of the accident by emergency crews on the scene.

Three young children who were injured in the accident had to be airlifted to Comer Children’s Hospital in the city of Chicago. The driver of the SUV that was driving the wrong way was a 25 year old female, who was instantly killed upon impact.

All of the eastbound traffic lanes on the highway had to remain closed for several hours while the area was cleared and the investigation started. Police confirmed that they would conduct toxicology tests to determine if drunk driving was a factor.


Civil claims after someone has died

Whenever the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of a person or business result in the death of another person, they can be sued in civil court. This is true regardless of any possible criminal actions that may be taken against them. Indiana’s wrongful death statute outlines how these lawsuits work.

Certain surviving family members are allowed to collect expenses related to things like medical and hospital bills, the person’s lost wages and future earnings, and non-economic damages that are related to trauma, pain, and suffering. It is usually a husband or wife, child, or someone who was financially dependent on the deceased person that can bring the claim on the estate’s behalf.


Get help from a local wrongful death attorney in Gary

To learn more about getting assistance from a lawyer who handles wrongful death cases, contact Marshall P. Whalley and Associates. They can recommend a course of action that will give you the best chance of success.

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