Get your Hip to the Hop!

Jan 27, 2021 12:34 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 27, 2021  7:34 AM ET

Tell me, do you fear? Are you a hip-hop musician? What is your biggest fear as the musician? Is it absence of ideas? Absence of musical instruments? I think no. Surely, the biggest fear is lack of recognition lack of understanding and love. Many people are afraid not to be loved. But as a musician you can avoid it. Because no matter how great your songs are, they can always be lost among other songs, that are also available. Available where? Of course in music streaming services! That’s what we are talking about. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud became insanely popular these past years. Majority of musicians nowadays start their career online, simply by uploading music, waiting for popularity. What is their mistake? They do not do promotion of their music. So should you try hip hop promotion? Let’s find out.

First we must familiarize ourselves with the core idea of promotion technique and possible outcomes. Promotion works like magic. Every song in the streaming service has its own coefficient for popularity, calculated individually. This coefficient is used by algorithms for recommendations system and compilation of playlists and various top-charts. Moreover, this coefficient depends on number of plays, number of followers, length of songs uploaded, etc. And promotion is just manipulating with these parameters. By increasing and decreasing them it is possible to increase popularity coefficient, bringing the song to the top. Some charts are harder to get into, but it is possible with the right approach. Right approach can be achieved by selecting right hip hop promotion service.

Some promotion services can provide increasing the number of plays and other parameters separately and individually, some can provide the packages, that cover all the possible popularity parameters. Hip hop promotion packages offer a variety of options for increasing popularity of the song. Best packages cover all parameters that affect song popularity. Of course the result you get and guarantees also vary from package to package. So as you see, there are many options for hip hop promotion. Just choose yours and wait for the fame to come. You won’t wait for long.

Now straight to the results and guarantees. The result is always increased popularity, appearance in top-charts, popular playlists and radio stations. People more often see your song, click on it and listen. And more often this happens, the more popular and successful you become as a musician. Popularity online certainly means popularity offline. Guarantees are simple: organic promotion is indistinguishable from real hype and success. So don’t miss your chance to become a hit!