Nov 26, 2020 3:36 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 26, 2020  10:36 AM ET

Gifting people can be one of the most challenging tasks to do. Often, we worry if the person would love the gift or how the gift will make us look. Are you tired of giving cliché gifts like cards, flowers, and confectioneries? Perhaps you are looking to gift that loved one with something that has a little more personality and finesse to it. Better yet, are you looking for a gift that will make that special person remember you for years to come? Then consider gifting a fruit tree! Not only will you pleasantly surprise that loved one with the uniqueness of your gift but gifting a fruit tree has loads of benefits that more traditional and common gifting ideas simply can’t measure up to. Delivering small tabletop Christmas trees to your loved ones for the holiday is also an idea not to be overlooked.

Is Gifting A Fruit Tree a Good Idea?

Yes, it absolutely is! Trees are beautiful parts of nature that instantly bring a refreshing feeling to any location where they are planted. And fruit trees go the extra mile. These trees pair their beauty with delightful fragrances and delicious fruits that make them a wonderful home guest. You honestly cannot go wrong with gifting a fruit tree, but if you’re yet to be convinced, here are a few more reasons that gifting a fruit tree is your best idea.

  • Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! Yes, a major advantage of gifting a fruit tree is the fruits it produces. Not only will that special person thank you forever for saving them money on groceries, but they can also always incorporate the delicious fruits into a number of food and cosmetic recipes!
  • Gifting a fruit tree means you are gifting that loved one something that keeps giving, year after year. A fruit tree is a gift that never runs out, provided the recipient does a good job keeping it alive.
  • You’ll also be helping your loved one’s health by gifting them a fruit tree. Trees are known to purify the air around where they are planted and trap pollutants in the air while releasing fresh oxygen every now and then.
  • Trees have also been proven to be great for mental health. Not only has the process of tending to a tree been said to be a spiritual healing exercise, but it has also been scientifically proven that just having a tree around can help you feel more relaxed. Still in doubt?
  • How about the fact that a fruit tree can protect your loved one’s property? That’s right. A number of fruit trees also make significant wind barriers and help prevent flooding and erosion that could damage property. Get your friend that juicy protection with a fruit tree.

Fine! But Which Fruit Tree Should I Gift?

There is a range of fruit tree ideas you can give. All you need to do is consider your recipient’s location, how skilled they are with caring for trees, and which fruits are their favorites. Several fruit trees can be grown indoors, including lemons, lime, oranges, and even bananas. If you’re looking to make a statement with bizarre-looking but tasty fruit trees, then you can consider the Buddha’s hand tree or the Gooseberry bush. Apple, Grape, and Berry trees are also great gifting ideas. You can gift your tree as a seed or as a sapling, which is the more ideal “tree gift”.

So, there you have it! All the reasons why you can’t go wrong with gifting a fruit tree. Oh, and we saved the best part for last. By gifting a fruit tree, you’re not just gifting that special person; you’re gifting the planet as well. What are you waiting for?