Glacier Portable AC Reviews – Is Glacier Air Conditioner Legit or a Scam?

Jul 5, 2020 9:20 PM ET

Glacier AC: Heat waves have been all too common this summer. In such a situation, it is hard not to feel distraught and frustrated. Using air conditioners is simply out of the question for many people due to their high cost and energy usage. Yet, one still needs to remain cool. The alternative option that many people seem to be trying out right now is the Glacier Portable AC. This portable air cooler is becoming a boon for many people during this summer.

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Glacial Portable AC Review

Glacier air conditioner is designed to provide users with a personalized cooling companion that can easily be taken from one location to the next. The developers of Glacier AC wanted to create a convenient and simple way to keep cool during this summer that did not have the high costs and technicalities of traditional air conditioners. In doing so, they looked into the elements that would have been highly wanted by people.

Portability is among the major reasons why one might want to consider getting this product. Being able to switch the location of one’s room cooler and having it set up wherever one is sitting is a major luxury. Users can thus relax and cool down in any room of their house. Furthermore, the device is so easy to carry that it can even be taken to one’s office or other locations. This makes this the perfect option for anyone who is frequently on the go.

Glacier Portable AC takes things even further with its minimal energy usage. One of the biggest complaints regarding air conditioners is that they end up soaking in a lot of one’s energy supply. This can cause problems and is generally not a desirable outcome. As a result, this personal air cooler is designed to ensure that users are able to keep their energy and wallets at a proper amount. Some other factors to consider about this are:

Comes alongside discounts and price reductions that go up as much as 50%
Users have the option to charge the device using a Power mode USDB
It comes with a removable disk cover that can easily facilitate cleaning and other processes

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How Does the Glacial Portable AC Work?

Designed to meet one’s cooling needs, this personal air cooler is able to switch gears and settings to better match the requirements of the person using it. This means that people are able to enhance its cooling to match their need. In particularly hot days, it is possible to turn the device up to the fullest and enjoy all its comfort. On days where one simply feels lukewarm, it is possible to turn down the settings too.

Furthermore, users have the option to easily relocate the entire cooling system to any area of their house. Thus, not everyone is confined to a single room as they would be with an air conditioner.

Additionally, Glacier air conditioner works without needing to do any kind of installation at all. In fact, users are able to utilize it completely as it comes out of the box. They just need to fill it in with a sufficient amount of water and the results can be seen almost immediately. It usually takes no more than a mere minute to get started.

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Glacier Portable AC Main Features

This device comes with a set of potent benefits and features that can simply not be ignored. While there are quite a few cooling alternatives in the market, these features are what make this one such a highlight. The features that users of this device receive are:

Chargeable. Glacier portable air conditioner unit is fully chargeable and it can even be done through a USB cable. This makes sure that users do not need to waste thousands of dollars annually on extensive energy bills. Instead, the device can easily be charged at any time and location without any prior installation required.
Low Cost. Another feature of this device is that it is much more affordable that regular air conditioners. Those tend to have a hefty price, then one needs to add in installation and costs involved with energy usage. On the other hand, this air cooler is powered by a low power fan and is adjustable to meet one’s needs. It is low cost on both money and energy.
Filter Mechanism. The Glacier AC comes alongside an internal filtration system that is able to keep away germs and dust particles. Thus, the device essentially takes in one’s dirty, hot air and gives back refreshing, cleansed and cooled air.
Reduced Noise Profile. High noise output is one of the major complaints for such devices. However, this one solves this problem meticulously. It has a reduced noise profile that should not cause any kind of distraction. Thus, it is the perfect option for anyone who wishes to keep this running overnight. The sound is described to be no more than 40 Db.

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Pros of Using Glacier Portable Air Conditioner

The makers mentioned a guarantee of high quality on their website. They have tested and ensured that this device offers the best possible results, while remaining consistent and trouble-free for all users. The enjoyment is thus unmatched for many.
You will find many positive Glacier AC customer reviews on the official website.
The convenience and quickness of the device is hard to match. Users can set it all up in minutes and enjoy the cooling effect that it produces.
In case one wishes to return their Glacier Portable AC, they can do so within 30 days of their purchase. They will receive their entire money back.

Where to Buy Glacier AC and How Much Does It Cost?

This air conditioner is available for purchase only on the official website at a reduced cost – See below of pricing:

1 unit for $89.99

2 units for $161.98

3 units for $215.98

4 units for $251.97

All options come with a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

Glacier Portable AC Reviews: Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In general, Glacier AC is one device that has many to outshine the various other options currently in the market. This makes it quite a reliable option to keep cool during this summer. Anyone that wishes to get their hands on the perfect cooling companion – this may be a worthy consideration. The manufacturers have put in a lot of effort into making sure that Glacier Portable AC is refined with a lot of features and benefits that are simply not found in alternatives. We definitely recommend buying it from the official website while supplies last.

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