Glass Genius – The First Glass-Based Only Marketplace

Nov 19, 2020 1:59 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 19, 2020  8:59 AM ET

Glass Genius, an online marketplace where local glass companies, contractors, interior designers, and consumers can buy and sell glass and mirror products quickly and easily. Glass Genius is the first glass-based only platform. The owners describe it as an only glass niche marketplace to connect contractors, interior designers, and consumers with local glass fabricators, distributors, and installers.

While making the announcement, a spokesperson for Glass Genius said they have spent time listening to local glass glaziers and fabricators. “ Their urge to provide customers with high- quality glass and mirror products inspires us to work harder and build smarter”, said the Glass Genius representative, adding that this gave birth to the first specialized marketplace where local businesses can sell their glass fabrications, distribute and offer installation services to a wider market at state, regional and national levels.

Noting that they are a sellers-preferred platform, through the extensive advertising provided by Glass Genius, a glass business’ reach and growth potential are limited only by their delivery capacity.

“With Glass Genius, glazers and fabricators can power up their business,” said the company spokesperson, while articulating how the platform works and the benefits that businesses will obtain. Glass Genius will allow the users to reach millions of shoppers just by joining hands.

They will enter into a partnership with Glass Genius where they will be helped to create the best e-commerce strategy for their businesses. With the online platform, the Glass Genius representative said that glass businesses can scale up their business using the world’s first glass only marketplace.

To join the first glass-only niche marketplace, a glass business needs to create a seller account. With this account, it will be easy to enter the prices for custom fabrication, glass and mirror products, as well as the installation services. The platform will provide extensive marketing for the sellers’ goods and services to glass buying customers in the geographic area that the seller selects.

“To us the platform, the seller only needs to register, add products, and begin selling and revenues will begin to stream,” said the company spokesperson, adding that the platform seamlessly connects glass businesses with their customers from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Its state of art platform allows customers to browse and buy glass products and services in real- time. Customers get what they need with a click of a button. “Numerous new customers are easily reached with minimal effort”, while inviting glass glaziers and fabricators to take advantage and get the benefits provided by the platform.

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