Glen Burnie Maryland area police chief is sentenced for forging official documents

Mar 9, 2020 9:05 PM ET

When high ranking police officers are willing to be dishonest about any official matters, this can create a serious danger to the local community. Fortunately, there are some measures in place to detect and prosecute this kind of behavior.

A former police chief who worked in Greensboro, Maryland was prosecuted for official misconduct for various acts of forgery and misrepresentation.


Fake documentation related to police qualifications leads to an arrest


A state prosecutor assigned to the case released a statement that the chief entered a guilty plea for misconduct while in public office. He made factual misrepresentations on formal applications for certifications that were filed on behalf of officers in his department.

This documentation is so crucial because it allows the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission to verify that an officer can work in the state and carry out official law enforcement duties. If someone receives this certification improperly, it means that they were likely not trained properly and they can make serious mistakes while working on the streets.

The charging documents say that the police chief intentionally made false claims and omissions on paperwork for certification as an officer to the training commission. 

The officer will serve a two year suspended jail sentence and with three years of probation to follow. The judge who handed down the sentence in county court commented that the integrity of the certification process is imperative for proper evaluation and standardization regarding police work in the state of Maryland. He also commended the local state prosecutor’s office for their thorough investigation into the matter.

Greensboro is located east of Glen Burnie in Caroline County, Maryland.


Police misconduct and forged documentation

Despite the fact that police are sworn to protect the public, they routinely engage in illegal acts of misconduct, violence, and dishonesty. Issues with forged documentation are so serious in law enforcement because they can lead to false arrest, unnecessary prosecutions, and other problems. It is also illegal for anyone to lie on any kind of official government documentation, especially a notarized document.

As a general rule, government employees and officials are granted a certain amount of authority with the expectation that they will not abuse this power. Falsifying any kind of official paperwork is a clear violation of their duties and oath of office. In a situation like the news story above, unqualified officers may create a danger to the public, or it is possible that job opportunities were denied to bona fide candidates in place of people who received favors.  


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