Glenn Haraguchi Examines How Movies Help Uplift the Soul During Covid-19 and Other Hard Times

Apr 19, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Glenn Haraguchi, like anyone else, has struggled to handle emotional troubles at times. In particular, he has found the Covid-19 experience to be harrowing and brutal to handle. That said, he and his family have worked through many of these troubles by watching movies. He recently discussed this experience and gave some advice on the best high-quality uplifting films for people struggling with life.

Glenn Haraguchi and family

The Power of Movies Examined By Glenn Haraguchi

Anyone who has seen an emotionally powerful movie knows how it can affect a person profoundly. For instance, Glenn Haraguchi has watched many uplifting movies during the Covid-19 pandemic. He and his family use them to stay focused on the good in life. And Glenn Haraguchi finds that they are more powerful than many people may think because of the psychological impact on people.

Simply put, Glenn Haraguchi understands that these films are written, scored, and directed to manipulate emotions as much as possible. They use high-quality dialogue, relatable characters, dramatic situations, and character strength to push through. Glenn Haraguchi also hears how the music cues push the viewer into feeling the scenes’ emotions much more deeply as a result.

Glenn Haraguchi believes this manipulation is not a bad thing because it helps to provide relief through tough times. Simply put, movies that give this kind of emotional catharsis are critical for the human mind and body. There’s nothing wrong with getting relief from stress anxiety in positive and healthy ways. And uplifting movies are a great way to help a whole family heal in many powerful ways.

Uplifting Movies Glenn Haraguchi Suggests

Over the years, Glenn Haraguchi has found many movies that uplift his spirit and his family at the same time. These films are often theatrical and feature very complex stories and concepts. Glenn Haraguchi suggests sitting down with your family before watching any of these films and talking about what they represent and the complexity of their plots. Doing so will help to ensure everyone is happy.

For example, “Moonlight” from 2016 is a very harrowing film that uses a realistic tone to tell the story of a struggling person coming to grips with reality and who they are as a person. This one will not be to all tastes, but those who enjoy it are likely to experience a complete and celebratory sense of excitement when it is over, allowing them to feel a bit better about life.

For more family-friendly fare, Glenn Haraguchi suggests movies like 2017s “Same Kind of Different as Me.” This movie focuses on the importance of giving to a community and working to improve your soul and your life as a person. Glenn Haraguchi finds that films like these provide a family-friendly level of feel-good entertainment that doesn’t talk down to children or preach in a way that may seem off-putting to many.

Glenn Haraguchi, wife and son

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