Glytch Michael Williams Gameworks Explains Why Gaming is Great for Kids

Aug 26, 2021 5:00 PM ET

Wondering how games could influence and even help your kids? Gameworks founder Michael Williams explains how games can spur creativity and critical thinking.

Video games sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to kids and learning. However, Gameworks founder and Glytch CEO Michael Williams is going to explain why video games are often great for kids. While balance is important for most aspects of life, video games may encourage critical thinking, creativity, and a competitive spirit.

“Video games are great because they’re interactive rather than passive,” Gameworks founder Michael Williams explains. “When you watch TV or a movie, your mind is often at rest and you simply take stimulus in. When you play video games, you have to solve puzzles, master controls, and otherwise think.”

Even simply mastering the controls of a video game often involves a lot of thought, practice, and effort. With a movie, the action simply passes you by. With video games, you take part in the events as they unfold.

At a surface level, video games may seem to share a lot in common with movies. However, playing games may actually be arguably more akin to reading. Many video games involve a lot of reading, yes, but perhaps more critically, gaming involves thinking and imagination.

“Often, video games involve some aspect of mystery. You’re actively encouraged to think through what’s going on. People often use their imagination to expand the worlds offered by video games and the like,” Glytch CEO Michael Williams says.

When helping your kids pick video games, it is smart to select educational games, puzzle games, and other games that encourage critical thinking. You can often find games, including mobile games, that encourage children to think and solve puzzles, math problems, and more.

As children grow older, they may lose interest in games specifically designed to encourage education. That said, many games still involve puzzles, teamwork, strategy, and more. If games help children develop underlying skills that will pay off elsewhere, they can still offer a lot of educational benefits.

Gameworks Founder Michael Williams Explains Why Competition is Great for Kids Too

Michael Williams isn’t just a gamer. He’s a leading expert in esports and has helped oversee the growth and success of competitive gaming. Competition in and of itself can be great for kids.

“Gaming encourages kids to compete,” Glytch CEO Michael Williams says. “If your kids like Mario Kart or another racing game, they can strive to beat not just computer-controlled racers, but other human racers too. Learning to compete, and finding success, can spur kids on and build confidence.”

In order to succeed at esports, which involves competitive gaming and draws huge crowds, gamers have to become the best of the best. Competition is intense in esports, yet in some ways, the playing field is more even than in other sports. As a result, many people can find success.

“If you want to become a pro basketball player, having enough height and athleticism is all but required,” Gameworks founder Michael Williams says. “With esports, you don’t necessarily have to win the genetic lottery.”

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