Google Being One Of The Finest Applications

Jul 6, 2020 11:10 PM ET

Especially during pandemics or natural calamities, there should always be a virtual platform for professionals to conduct their meetings in times of immediate crisis. Through the Calendar application, it is very easy to connect through your friends globally. In order to keep Calendar your all time reach application, Microsoft will have to keep themselves always updated with the current features.

You’re Go-To Application

If you are someone who takes more time in scheduling a meeting than the meeting itself then you need to learn easily accessibility to your Outlook Application. These days hitting the meeting application for 20-25 minutes with team of total four to five people is itself a full-time job. In such a virtual discussion, the focus area is always diverted from the important project areas while the suggestions start coming in. Google Calendar is used by more than 500 million people and is available in more than 41 different countries. It is a brilliant application to schedule your meetings to stay connected overseas but Calendar has more dynamic and structured features which are mostly missed. This is mostly seen in larger parts of the world where Google is putting their focus for better improvements adding more and more features which is diverting their focus from the recent updates section.

When used properly Calendar or it’s related applications, it does not only help you to keep a track on your dates. It helps you with three dimensions- to set your future goals, time adjustments and fulfilling your objectives. It can reschedule your daily life allocating a lot of time for family and friends with work getting completed within deadlines. With a little bit of details about you, Calendar can help you lead a much more efficient lifestyle.

Easy Accessibility 

You can adjust the Calendar application as per your need in 2020. With the new updates and recent features, Calendar is the perfect hub which guides you the best to manage your time in delivering the work productively.

It can be best used when connected directly to the phones Calendar Application. This will help to share a customized link which only shows your timings that you can be available for meetings. This application always checks upon online Calendar to find out your booking timings. At the first, try it out free for 14 days. Then opt for the full paid version if you find it beneficial in daily life.

Basics To Be Followed

There are mainly four basic steps to get registered into this application. The information panel might increase later on depending on your usability. Later on, each step will be asking for more minute details. But at the beginning, an Office Account has to be created with the basic personal details in order to avail the fundamental features.

There is a separate version available for phone and desktops. If you are already signed into Gmail or google page then you will be automatically redirected into the Calendar application as well. In the smart phones, such applications can be only be used after downloading it from their app stores.


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