Google has officially entered into the gaming industry

Mar 20, 2019 1:55 PM ET

Google has been keeping in touch with the gaming industry for quite some time, and they promised to announce something related to gaming in GDC 2019. At GDC when Google finally made their announcement, then it presented something that had the potential to change the gaming industry forever. The project that Google introduced is named Google Stadia, and it is a streaming service that let you stream games, so you don’t even need to download the game. People and experts have been speculating that Google was trying to get involved in the streaming of games. When Google partnered with the Ubisoft and streamed Assassin creed odyssey on through Chrome Brower, then the rumors of streaming service intensified. The rumored streaming project was named Project Yeti. People were not sure whether it would be a streaming service or a machine that let you stream. Now with the unveiling of Stadia, the speculation of streaming service has been made clear.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is the game streaming service of the company that has the potential to surpass competitors such as Microsoft and Sony. The project offers many advantages to its users due to its flexibility. Both the developers and users of games are at an advantage with this service. Developers can now reach a large amount of audience that was previously not available to them. Google Stadia let you play on all of the devices which includes tablet, laptops, and smartphones which can make it the most favored platform for games. The most alluring and essential factor of this service is its ability to run games on even the low-end devices. With the ability to stream the game on all the devices Google is already getting ahead of the market. In traditional gaming, you would need purchase hardware such as high-end PCs or Consoles.

What is Google Stadia offering?

Stadia will not only help the developers to reach a large amount of audience that was not available in traditional gaming but will also assist in the reduction of Piracy. Stadia is not limited to only the streaming service. Hardware is also one on the component that Stadia is covering through the introduction of Stadia controller. The controller is specifically designed to work in integration with the Stadia streaming service. Stadia controller has some functionalities that are different than all of the other controllers out in the market. Instead of being connected to the device via Bluetooth the controller uses Wi-Fi to directly connect to the Stadia servers which minimize the response time and increases the efficiency. The service will provide 4k games at 60 frames per second, but the resolution of service will, in the end, depend on the speed of the internet. The of cloud gaming is not that new as Sony have done it through their PS now. The involvement of Google in cloud gaming will speed up the race of cloud gaming, and it won’t be long before users see major hardware developers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo joining the market.

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