Google’s game console might be the beginning of a new era

Mar 19, 2019 10:05 AM ET

The gaming industry is a nearly $135 billion industry, and it is getting bigger with each year. fact,The gaming industry is bigger than the music and film industry combined. Sony, Microsoft and the Nintendo currently dominate the industry, but that might change because Google is revealing something that can take on the industry by storm. Google has been keeping an eye on the gaming industry for a long time. Google is trying to extend its horizon beyond the ads into other industries. Google had already announced that they would unveil something related to gaming in the GDC19.

Google’s history with game streaming

We can not say with surety that it will be necessary to be a console because it might be a streaming service because they are already streaming Assassin Creed Odyssey. That remains to be seen but whatever Google is introducing it is something related to video games. They have promised that it will be the future of gaming. It can be the commercial announcement of their project stream or their console Yeti. The project that Google is going to announce might be directly related to Google’s game streaming service. Yeti could be a console that can stream games rather than being a powerful console. Both of the scenarios point out that Google might be introducing a Netflix like service for games and could sever as console killer.

Streaming games

The concept of streaming games is not a new idea as the idea has been in consideration by some major game developers and console makers. Sony is already providing the service through their PS now which offer the streaming of certain games. Many tech companies of the present are considering the option of streaming games. Most of the people point out that Google will go for the streaming service history but whether it’s streaming or hardware PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo have to worry. Google might change the gaming industry and take it in a different direction. 

What to expect

Sources have suggested that the project is not software based but rather the combination of both the software and hardware. It could be a machine that only stream games instead of playing them through internal processing and graphical power. If Google goes with the streaming service, then it will be the game changer for the industry. Game streaming service offers many advantages over traditional video gaming. In traditional video games, you will spend cash on purchasing an expensive console or a high-end PC. Then you have to wait for the downloading to be completed or go to a game shop and buy physical copy which is not the case with streaming service. It might be a console killer, and you can even use a mobile phone to stream games that would otherwise require powerful hardware.

It could be a game changer

Google’s game streaming might be the demise of traditional video gaming because it not only offers an advantage to users but the publishers as well. Cloud gaming will enable publishers to reach people out to all the devices thus broadening the audience. If Google announces its cloud gaming today in GDC 2019, then it will force other developers to take a similar step. However, when we look at the history of Android, we can see that Google can become a formidable competitor in the gaming industry.

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