Gramercy Group, Inc. Participates in LaGuardia Airport Makeover

Aug 23, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Gramercy is a WBE certified wrecking, environmental remediation and construction company.  For the last several years, Gramercy has proudly participated in one of the areas’ largest infrastructure projects, the LaGuardia Airport Makeover.  

Gramercy Group, Inc. Explains About the LaGuardia Airport Makeover

At its inception, the LaGuardia Airport makeover project was estimated to cost over $4 billion dollars. It was time to do away with the dilapidated central terminal building and give New York the modern airport it deserved.  In order to do so, the old buildings and infrastructure needed to be removed.  This is where Gramercy stepped in.

Gramercy Group Details its work at LaGuardia Airport

Work began with the wrecking of the parking garage, known as the “P-2” Garage.  However, before the wrecking could begin, asbestos needed to be remediated.  Gramercy performed the asbestos abatement as that is one of its specialty services.  Once asbestos was removed, the demolition of the garage commenced. 

With work completed wrecking the P-2 Garage, room was made for the new garage to be constructed.  But there was still more work to be done including wrecking other portions of the airport.  Gramercy undertook the demolition of various entrance and exit ramps and the overhanging canopies surrounding the Delta terminal and wrecking of entrance roadways and elevated structures.  It also remediated asbestos in the central terminal where the departure and arrival gates were (known as “Pier A & B”).  Once abatement was completed, wrecking of those piers was able to commence, which work is still ongoing. Gramercy is currently wrecking Phase 2 of the Central Terminal Building as well as Piers C&D and associated connector bridges.

Gramercy Gives an Update on the Project

The La Guardia Airport makeover project officially broke ground in late 2017 with Gramercy focused on abatement, wrecking and demolition. It was always scheduled to be a multi-year project.  Since 2017, Gramercy continues to provide wrecking and environmental services to various stakeholders at the airport.  While COVID-19 slowed things a bit, the LaGuardia Airport project was an infrastructure project deemed essential and therefore was exempted from the New York City construction shut-down.  As such, Gramercy’s work continued during the pandemic for which Gramercy is grateful as it was able to continue to employ the union workers and its office staff, through this critical time. 

Gramercy continues to perform work at LaGuardia Airport, and has also begun to perform wrecking, asbestos abatement and environmental services for JFK International Airport and Newark International Airport. Since wrecking and environmental services are Gramercy’s expertise, it is well suited for such work, and looks forward to continuing to service the stakeholders at all of the tri-state airports.

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