Grand Seiko Mechanical Watches: Your Ideal Watch For The Modern Time

Dec 29, 2020 6:58 AM ET

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Ancient times recorded the time measurement using the sun’s shadow. Back then, people relied on the rising and setting of the sun to tell time. Eventually, accurate timepieces came to be. But, it was not until decades and centuries later that watches came into existence. That time is such a crucial element for an individual to be aware of. Thus, eventually, inventors considered creating timepieces to provide convenience in checking the time. Back in the day, watches served as a fashion accessory for both men and women. One could see it in the portrayal of movies with ancient settings. In the modern world today, watches are not only for fashion but more for convenience.

In line with this, many brands came forth and produced watches. Hence, providing people across the globe the much-needed timepieces for everyday use. One of those fantastic timepieces is the Grand Seiko Mechanical.

What is Grand Seiko

In pursuit of producing the perfect timepiece, Grand Seiko came to be. This ideal timepiece portrays a beautiful handcraft watch with more extended durability and higher chronometric standards than other watches. In 1960, the first Grand Seiko watch model came out. It sold for a price equivalent to two months’ wage of a college graduate professional. During 1975, the demand for mechanical watches dropped. Thus, it resulted from a technology that Seiko pioneered themselves. Hence, halting the production of Grand Seiko. Production resumed in 1991.

Why Is It Popular?

Grand Seiko is famous among watch aficionados all over the globe. Simply because Grand Seiko focused on the product quality more than the campaign strategy. Also, this brand is a rare find. It became available in the international market only by 2010.

With the introduction of 9S65 mechanical calibers in 1998, the modern era for this brand began. The 9S65 has a power reserve of 50 hours because of the brand’s propriety mainspring Spron. Among some manufacturers, Seiko is one of those who create their mainsprings and balance springs.

During The Year 2009

The 9S85 Caliber family came to be. In 1968, Seiko produced its first high-beat automatic wristwatch with 36,000 vph. High-beat movements are more precise; however, challenges entailed such high-quality. One of Seiko’s things is that it consumes a lot more energy, and due to increased friction, the escapement wears out quite fast.

To address such a dilemma, Seiko turned to use semiconductor fabrication. Hence, better known as Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS). Up to this date, Seiko continues to make use of MEMS technology in manufacturing escape wheel and pallet fork. Moreover, the Grand Seiko engineers made modifications to the gear for netter energy transmission. Thus, improving the watch’s excellent features.

Grand Seiko applied these improvements to the 9S86 family too. During the year 2014, Grand Seiko won the Petite Aiguille award at the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve. Hence, making it the first Japanese watch to have this award.

Throughout the decade, the Grand Seiko collection continually grew. With the demands consistently rising, producing watches with high accuracy became a global thing that every watches brand addresses.

A New Generation Of Watches

In the middle of 1990, it seemed to be the perfect time to release a new generation of Grand Seiko mechanical watches. The company’s technologically advanced and many improvements took place. Intending to create the ideal watch, Grand Seiko’s team went far despite the challenges they encountered along the way.

Precision is one of the outstanding features of the ideal watch that Grand Seiko is aiming to make. But that was only one out of the many aspects that they considered. Another feature to note for the ideal watch is the power reserve. Most watches are running on 40 hours power reserve at that time, while Grand Seiko raised its standard to 50 hours. Increasing the precision and power reserve required innovations.

Continuously increasing the levels of performance was always the goal for Grand Seiko. Setting up a goal of producing a watch with a 72-hour power reserve, the Caliber 9S67 came to be in 2006. Fusing advanced technology and craftsmanship, the Caliber 9S65 came forth. It has an eight beat movement, and its parts are of MEMS advanced technology. These same high-quality aspects are ever-present in the Grand Seiko watches up to this day.

In their pursuit of providing quality watches, Grand Seiko continues to embrace innovations in their watch collections. In the future, one can expect that Grand Seiko will continue to invade the international market. With their high precision watches, which are perfect for meeting your need to have a watch to keep track of time and undoubtedly add an accessory to your day-to-day outfit, the Grand Seiko watch is an item to have for.

Parting Tip

If you are looking for the ideal watch to have in this modern age and time, check out the Grand Seiko watches. You will indeed have an assortment to choose from that will perfectly suit your taste.