GUICE Wealth Management now offering GOLD! A long proven hedge strategy against inflation.

Mar 28, 2021 10:46 AM ET

GUICE Wealth Management is now poised to offer clients commodities of Gold and Silver.

If this was the 70’s, an ounce would have cost you $35 and would now be worth well over $1800 per ounce! Gold and Silver commodities are traditionally for savvy investors. It has been a ‘tried and true’ investment strategy of ultra high net worth clientele.  However, times are changing.

In a world where uncertainty is rampant, Gold can prove as a solid addition to your overall investment strategy for any level of investor experience.  In the wake of the current unveiling of the uncertain market perils caused by recent inequities highlighted in the marketplace, investors are even more weary and leery of investing their hard-earned cash into something without many guarantees.

Precious metals provide a useful and effective means of diversifying a portfolio. They provide liquidity. They provide visual assurance of knowing exactly where their money is and what it is worth. For some, it provides the same comfort some find in storing their money in old coffee cans, old tv’s, under floorboards, and behind the washing machine.

Before deciding on the third prong in the strategies they offer clients, GUICE, as with any of their recommendations, takes time to extensively research a new strategy to present to clients.

“GUICE will focus on bullion gold and silver sales. We pride ourselves in the consideration we take as we introduce new products to our client base,” Danita Harris, GUICE CEO explains.

If you’ve ever considered adding physical gold to your portfolio, now is a great time to have a conversation about it. You can start by visiting our website. The best part, it is easily procured, and can be slowly added into your portfolio piece by piece. Which eases investors into becoming more comfortable with purchases, as they increase their knowledge of being in this elite club of hard metal ownership.

GUICE is an asset and retirement protection company. GUICE is a proven leader in wealth management, financial education and literacy, business development, and corporate wellness programs. GUICE is a holistic financial consulting company creating custom-designed strategies for investors, individuals and small to mid sized organizations. For More Information about tax-free asset growth, visit or call 646-470-5727.

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