Help your Obese Dogs to Jump Back to Healthy Life Again

Sep 21, 2020 10:55 AM ET

Alike human beings, gaining too much weight is not good for dogs and other pet animals as advised by the veterinarians. If the rib cage in the dogs cannot be felt, they are said to be obese in most cases. Obesity may lead to fatigue. The only way to treat obesity is a proper diet. A well-balanced meal must be provided to the canines. Lots of physical exercise should be encouraged regularly. One can identify their weaknesses in terms of toys and can make them run long distances. Running is the best activity a dog can be indulged into for maintaining a balanced body weight, depending on the breed and size of the dog. Like, intestinal worms and parasites can cause other digestive issues. Instead of treating it with common medicines, it is an intelligent move to take advice of their respective doctors. Blind dosage of medicines can have other serious side effects in any life form.

Reasons of Obesity in Dogs:

These days, people stay busy with their own work. They do not have ample time to take these dogs out for walks. Hardly can be time managed for regular exercises. There will be no visible changes if activities are just done once a blue moon. Regularity must be maintained.

Other issue causing obesity can be because; dogs do not get much space to walk around by themselves. People live in apartments mostly. Space is a constraint. Sometimes lawns are not available.

In such situations, when time and space is a matter to be considered, one innovation that can help both dogs as well as their human parents is a treadmill. Dog treadmill is one product whose purchase has increased recently keeping in view the pandemic situation. In this present pandemic scenario, it must be a cautious decision to take dogs out as we human beings are at great risk of getting infected with the virus. Dog treadmills can be advantageous from this perspective.

Space: A treadmill takes up very less space in the house. It can be folded and kept in one corner.

Time: Time will no longer be a factor for walks. A treadmill can be used anytime according to convenience.

Weather: During extreme weather conditions, dogs may not able to go outdoors. Extreme heat or rainy days will no more be an excuse.

Weight loss: One can keep a track of the loss of weight daily. The progress can be noted easily.

Other factors: Dogs may not be able to visit outdoors for reasons like age, disability, joint problems or injury. A treadmill can be a boon for them.

Although regular exercise and outdoor activities are always preferred. But in some serious conditions, a treadmill can be of help. Treadmill is not a replacement for outdoor walks and activities. It is an added benefit. One must ensure that their fur pet do not get obese. If proper precautions are not taken at the right time serious issues can come up. Thus, assure a happy, healthy and fit life to your faithful friend.

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