Hiking: The Ultimate Workout

Nov 12, 2020 9:16 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 12, 2020  4:16 AM ET

Many people have had to pause their regular, daily activities as the world grapples with the COVID-19 virus. Social distancing regulations have made it challenging to visit with friends and family indoors, and many businesses, including gyms, have had to close down temporarily. The pandemic has caused many financial and emotional heartaches, but there’s comfort in knowing that we’re all in this unusual and trying time together.

If you’re used to hitting the gym a few times a week but can’t exercise there now due to COVID -19 restrictions, why not take your exercise routine into the great outdoors and go for a hike? Hiking is free, and it enables you to spend some time in nature. If there isn’t an official hiking trail near you, consider walking through a green space such as a park or field.

Invest in a pair of hiking boots and fill up that water bottle because you’re about to discover the incredible physical benefits and joys of hiking.

It’s an Excellent Cardio Workout

Hiking isn’t your casual stroll through the woods — you’re using all of your strength to climb up hills and rocks and sometimes hopping over streams and ponds. You’ll need even more power during the winter because you’re using more body strength to pull yourself through the snow and ice. Did you know that cardio workouts improve blood pressure, lower heart disease risk, and decrease cholesterol levels? If you can’t make it to the treadmill this winter, get outside for a nourishing hike. Remember to dress warmly with mens and womens thermal socks and wear lots of layers. Thermal is the ideal choice for base layers since it traps body heat in so effectively. You’ll feel comfortable and toasty even on the coldest of days when you wear thermal socks and undergarments.

It’s Good for the Brain

The Romantic poets and authors used to refer to nature as “the sublime.” Figures such as William Wordsworth thought that the natural world’s beauty brought on feelings beyond the ordinary — emotions so powerful that they couldn’t fully put them into words. While this sentiment is somewhat theatrical, those Romantic writers weren’t far off from the truth. A walk through the forest or somewhere outside that’s peaceful and serene can do wonders for the mind. You’ll have the opportunity to clear your head and meditate as you wander on your journey. Studies have shown that hiking in the fresh air can even calm anxiety and depression.

It Increases Your Quality of Life

Hiking is the ideal hobby. You spend time in nature, getting in crucial cardio exercise for your mind and body — you’ll inevitably feel happier about life. It might not fix all of the world’s problems, but you’ll feel stronger and able to face challenges better than you ever could before.

Hiking is a perfect form of exercise. If it’s not too cold out there and you’re fit and able to do some walking, what are you waiting for? Take a hike!