Hollywood Florida area custody dispute involved a police officer and false statements. What is the best way to prepare for a fierce custody battle?

Mar 16, 2020 11:05 PM ET

A child custody dispute in Broward County, Florida that involved a police officer and her ex-husband happened just outside of Hollywood.


Local cop lies to try to get custody illegally

The children’s mother, a deputy with the Broward County Sheriff, had apparently falsified statements about her husband being armed and dangerous to attempt to get a favorable custody ruling. When the initial complaint was filed and assumed to be true, the Pembroke Pines Police showed up at the father’s residence with multiple armed officers to take custody of the children. The allegations in made in the court documents that caused such a large response turned out to be false after a detective with the Pembroke Pines department investigated further.

The official documentation for the injunction filed by the children’s mother said the father had a violent outburst at the children’s school, he had threatened her, he had previous mental health and domestic violence issues, and that he was in possession of armor piercing bullets. A brief investigation found that the allegations in the affidavit about his prior record and weapons were blatantly false. The detective determined that it was all part of a scheme to abuse the legal system to take custody of the children through improper means. She had a motive to lie based on her previous frustrations with not being granted full and immediate custody of the children.

The detective initially asked the local state attorney to file charges, however they declined to bring a formal criminal case. However, they did notify her employer, as she is a sworn officer who is supposed to be protecting the community as a member of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Her ex-husband says he does not understand how she was hired by the department, as he presented records to the local news that showed a history of prior mental health and substance abuse issues. There were even situations where a guardian ad litem was recommended to intervene as she was accused of abusing one of their sons.

The husband was granted custody of the children based on these previous problems, but the couple had been battling ever since. Based on an interview with the detective, the children apparently have not had any problems with their father.


Custody battles

It is common for custody battles to become very tense. This is because parents are legitimately able to use incidents and character traits from the other person’s past to try to make them look like an unfit parent. The services of a family lawyer are the best way to prepare for this possibility and maintain your custody rights.


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