Home Improvement Considerations- How To Purify Air At Home Naturally?

Nov 13, 2020 3:28 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 13, 2020  10:28 AM ET

There is no denying the fact that pollution is on the rise. More industries are being constructed. More trees are cut down, and people are switching towards artificial things. So, the hard reality is that we are living in different types of pollution.

With the increasing amount of vehicles, the smoke emitted by them is making our atmosphere polluted. The pollution is so much that your own home is unsafe. Studies have shown that the air in your home is about two to three times more toxic than the outside air. Different health issues have arisen due to polluted air.

If you want to live a healthy life, you need to purify the air at your home. Here are some ways to naturally purify air at your home:

  1. Install Trickle Air Vents

Many people feel nauseous after staying at home for too long. The reason is the lack of oxygen that gets to their brain. There is no need to open a full window or door for that. You can install small air vents in different places in your home. It will expel the carbon dioxide from your house, and fresh air will enter, making the air purifier.

  1. Get Bee Wax Candles

Bee wax candles are all-natural and purify your home effectively. There are so many dust particles floating in your house that they get positively charged. Nature produces negative ions and hence creates a balance. When you burn those candles in your home, these will do the same thing. These candles produce minimum smoke and have a beautiful scent and improve the quality of air in your home.

  1. Get Yourself Some Beautiful Indoor Plants

Planting green plants is an excellent way of purifying your home’s air. Having plants in your house can be a little intimidating. You don’t want to get the responsibility of taking care of them, but many indoor plants require less maintenance. Plants help to remove harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, etc.

Recent studies by NASA claim that the household plants purify the air and protect us from toxic chemicals. Some of the popular indoor plants are:

  • Dracaena
  • Spider plant
  • Garden Mum
  • Peace lily
  • Boston Fern
  1. Buy A Salt Crystal Lamp

The lamp is made of the famous Himalayan pink salt. It is a natural air purifier. The major benefit of this lamp is that it removes all the toxins from the air. It neutralizes the dust particle, and as a result, they get heavy and fall on the floor. It removes all the allergens from the air by sucking out the water vapors from the air.

Apart from being an excellent and natural air purifier, it also looks really good in your home. The lamps give an earthy touch to your house décor. Plus, it has a natural light that improves your mood significantly.

  1. Look At Essential Oils

The following well-known essential oils are used to eliminate any sort of toxins in your home:

  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Grapefruit
  • Tea tree

These oils can get rid of any type of virus or bacteria present inside your home. You can add it to your soap or detergent; it will make your air more breathable and pure. The essential oils have natural antiseptic qualities. You can add some of it to the furniture or an open bowl of water so that its freshness can spread in the whole house.

  1. Use Air Conditioning

In the summer, you may want to open all the windows of your home so that all the fresh air can come in. However, what you don’t know is that the harmful air particles enter inside? Use ceiling fans instead of doing this. As well, reduce the use of electric appliances in your home that emit excessive heat. Installing a heat blocking window in your home is a good thing to do.


Above are some of the easiest and natural ways to purify the air in your home. Having a natural air purifier will be good for your health and overall well-being. Check out primereviews.org to know more about such kinds of home improvements.