HostGator Review – Is it the Best Web Hosting Provider?

Oct 24, 2020 9:41 AM ET

Oct 24, 2020 5:41 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 24, 2020

HostGator is one of the most loved and used web hosting providers today. It is being used extensively by individuals, small businesses and gig workers. HostGator offers dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and managed WordPress hosting plans and you can lock in the one that suits you most. You get many freebies and extras on the HostGator roller coaster too.


Who is HostGator? 

HostGator is the number -1 web hosting provider, especially in the US. As per the most recent stats, It hosts about 10 million domain names. This staggering number of users ensures that HostGator is a web hosting provider royalty.

This company came together about 16 years back. The first 10 ten years were used just to build a solid reputation as a reliable host in the market. And HostGator has never let the blitz down.

Even though it’s been a bit of a roller coaster for HostGator, managing many ups and downs, it’s back with its awesome Cloud hosting WordPress packages. HostGator’s standard shared hosting may not be that hot anymore, but their newer Cloud packages have put them in the top 10 website hosting companies.

HostGator’s hallmark has been that it delivers amazing speeds while being easily scalable and able to allocate resources effortlessly. And these, as you know, make a hell of a difference to facilitate your account and site management.

HostGator Rankings

This web hosting provider has been ranked as the best in reliability by eleven companies.

It also clocks-

  • 8.5 in 10 in pricing
  • 10 in support
  • 10 in features and ease of use
  • 10 in back-end and front -end speed.

HostGator Performance 

What are the main must-haves in a hosting provider? These are fast uptime, quality support, and speed. These big three can literally make or break a hosting provider.

Now keeping these three in mind, let’s take a quick look at HostGator’s performance.


HostGator has a good uptime of 99.99%. This is a very important factor to consider when you are choosing a hosting provider.

This is because if the website’s speed is slow, it may still work; but if it remains offline, then you are completely damned.

HostGator comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It also has this condition that it will host your website for free if this service-level agreement is breached.

The updated version of the HostGator, the Cloud HostGator has excellent uptime speeds.

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Fast loading speeds

This means the time that your website takes to load. Fast loading speed is very important as your client will not hang around to wait for the site to load.

If the site does not load fast, he will go to the next site which could be your competitor too. If you look at the stats, you will come to know that if any site that takes more than four seconds to load, it is abandoned by 74 percent of the online users. If you happen to be a business that sells a product or service, your customers will abandon your site fast if it does not load fast enough.

A speedy hosting solution like HostGator loads fast in criteria like ‘time to first byte’ also called TTFB and the time it takes for your site to be loaded completely.

Great support 

The HostGator web hosting provider provides excellent support. It helps you via email, chats, and you can also call customer care.

The support is multichannel so that you are always able to access it. The HostGator support is amongst the best in the business.


The Big Pros Of HostGator

  • It enables you to add and remove resources easily
  • The Cloud HostGator hosting service is especially very good in this regard. Though a bit pricey, it is totally worth it as it enables you to allocate resources faster and get additional resources if you need them with the click of a button.
  • This means that you can make your site more efficient by ramping up its RAM and CPU without paying any extra cash.
  • There is inbuilt flexibility in the service that allows you to remove the RAM or extra power when it is no longer needed. This really benefits you if your site has more user visits in certain seasons. You can get more power for these months and get rid of it when not required.
  • It offers free statistical insights
  • HostGator gives you access to statistics of your site like the RAM usage, CPU load and running processes. This allows you to get an excellent picture of the performance of your WordPress site. This allows you to decide whether you must upgrade or downgrade.
  • This feature also allows you to predict issues that can arise in the future and also immediately after you complete the installation of new updates and plugins on your personal or business sites.
  • Another important thing is that the statistical data is derived directly from the HostGator server and is extremely easy to understand and is actionable.

HostGator boasts powerful servers

This is self-explanatory. HostGator has very fast servers to make your site work efficiently.

HostGator is offering awesome introductory prices

This is the right time to join HostGator, as you will have to pay very low fees. The joining fees will go up after a pre-decided initial period is over- remember this!

It offers numerous perks 

This web hosting platform also offers perks like Google Analytics and additions like Mojo marketplace. Mojo offers high value to your WordPress site.

HostGator also comes with a hundred percent, money-back guarantee valid for 45 days.

This is the longest guarantee that is offered to a hosting site. The industry standard is just 30 days.

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HostGator is very useful for beginners 

HostGator is very useful for beginners and also for the less tech-savvy.

New guys can thus spend less money than they would have spent hiring other people to build their site.

In addition, Gator, HostGator’s website builder, comes with a free domain name and hosting.

So, you have to buy just one account and you are good to go.

Another feature that makes HostGator very user-friendly is that the templates are extremely customizable. All you have to do is to just drag and drop each feature.

Along with getting free site analytics, you also get a free SSL certificate that is useful in safeguarding your customers’ personal data and visitors on your site.


Flexible billing plans

You can pay monthly or yearly depending on your situation. The thing to remember here is that the yearly billing periods will fetch the biggest discounts to you.

The web hosting platform offers free migration

This happens with all new accounts. What this means is that if you have a WordPress account with another web hoster, you don’t have to worry about transferring it to HostGator.

The HostGator team will transfer your website without any hassle from your previous host within 30 days of your signing up.

The Cons Of HostGator

  • The support team sometimes takes some time to reply to your query or a technical glitch.
  • This can be irksome.
  • A more serious flaw is that the HostGator site doesn’t work very well on the WebPage test. This means that your site works very well if the concurrent users are around 30. But, no sooner does your user base become more than 30, your site becomes less responsive. You need to factor this in if you are an e-commerce site, for example, as what this means is that when you put your site under user load, the HostGator server tends to perform sluggishly. The average response time can go up to 7.9 seconds against just 0.3-0.45 seconds while your users were no more than 30.

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HostGator Plans 

The HostGator web hosting platform offers these hosting plans:

  • Shared hosting: Very good for you if you have a new website with low traffic. Shared hosting means that your website gets to share resources with other websites hosted on the same server.
  • Virtual Private Server or VPS: Here you can manage your website on a cloud hosting platform. This is very efficient and helpful if your website has frequent spikes in traffic.
  • Dedicated servers for hosting: Here you get a server exclusively for your website. You are the Queen bee. But, you will have to maintain this server by yourself.
  • WordPress hosting: This shared hosting plan is designed only for WordPress. This is able to protect your website against attacks and also optimizes its performance.
  • Cloud hosting: This utilizes multiple servers for hosting your site. It is a very popular plan that starts at $4.95 and can go up to $9.95/month.


HostGator Cloud is a decent option for you, especially if you are a beginner blogger or a US-based website with low to medium traffic. Go for it because the introductory offers will not last for much longer.