How can potential clients be matched with an experienced attorney in the United States?

Mar 29, 2020 6:00 PM ET

Necessary representation.

There are times in an individual’s life where they may find themselves on the wrong side of the law, or are experiencing confusion about the legalities involved in activities related to business, family life or government.  A basic understanding of some of the laws relevant to a particular situation is helpful, but often these matters require professional expertise to reduce any negative impacts to a person’s basic freedoms regarding their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in the United States. The challenge is to identify an attorney who upholds the core values related to the practice of law by their: independent action utilizing past cases, laws and statutes in support of clients; attention to client confidentiality; avoidance of conflicts of interest that would limit, or reduce strong legal representation; and considerations that are NOT based on pure economic interest as a guide when representing clients to the best of their professional abilities.


Unbiased recommendation.

Whether individuals prefer a large or small firm, are placing their trust in recommendations of friends, relatives, or court  systems, it is important to understand some things about the practice of law and how some offices operate before choosing a qualified attorney to represent interests that may change someone’s entire life.  A valuable resource available to potential clients, without negatives impacts to time, confidentiality concerns, or “hard sells” from attorneys who want to increase their business is the professional website. This professional site provides basic information on exclusive areas of law, current news and facts along with an in-depth listing of lawyers across the United States; further broken down by area of practice, state and county, so a potential client can find a legal professional with the proper expertise within geographic reach.  This resource gives clients the ability to narrow down a search, with many of  the lawyers offering free consultations, before making a prudent informed decision on who to hire to represent them through some worrisome aspect of the law.


Value of an attorney.

Every situation is unique to the parties involved, but the value of an experienced attorney is vital to the success of legal outcomes across the United States, whether it involves insurance and worker’s compensation claims, broken contracts, end-of-life situations, or more severe matters that can involve prison time or death. can help a potential client identify and secure an experienced attorney in consideration of:

Free consultation is offered by many firms, so it costs an individual nothing to investigate the types of legal assistance available to them and get an idea of the costs involved.
Laws are complicated and hiring a lawyer who specializes in one area of the law means they will be best equipped to utilize their focused knowledge in the best representation of a client, while remaining objective in situations that can be emotionally taxing for clients.
Costs can be high, such as losing professional licenses, losing custody of children, being fined, having assets forfeited, or facing the prospect of jail time.
Evidence, an attorney is trained to research and rely upon evidence, but if it has been obtained improperly, or is biased, they understand the processes to have it removed.
Documents and mandatory time constraints. Courts require specific documents written and delivered in a certain fashion, within set time limitations called statutes of limitations, and attorneys are familiar with the specific document and time requirements they must adhere to in their representation of clients.
Access to witnesses and experts. Law firms have an extensive list of professionals they can access to support a case that needs to be settled, or through witness testimony in court.
Legal options. A case is not always black or white. There may be other factors that a lawyer can point out that will reduce or remove fault of parties that a lay person cannot identify.
Settlements and plea bargains. Attorneys have a knowledge base and experience with insurance companies, field experts, other attorneys, court systems and judges giving them an inside track and well-rounded understanding of possible client outcomes.
Opposition attorney in place. It is probably unwise to attempt to represent oneself against a legal professional, so if the opposing party in a case hires an attorney, it is wise to secure representation as well.


When screening is initiated utilizing, keep in mind that most linked websites can give further information on the background of a firm including basic information about an individual attorney.  The state and local bar can apprise a potential client of any negative marks against any practicing attorney, or the firm they are associated with. is a formidable and comprehensive resource when individuals need to secure experienced legal services all over the United States. 


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