How Educators Can Make an Impact on Students Today According to David Lougee Silver City New Mexico

May 7, 2020 3:15 PM ET

Today’s educators have the power to make a difference if they adopt the right approaches, according to experts like David Lougee Silver City New Mexico.

Whether educators work hands-on with students or oversee operations on a larger scale, they have a unique opportunity to change a young person’s life for the better, according to experts like superintendent David Lougee Silver City New Mexico. Many students are still discovering who they are and figuring out what matters most to them. A dedicated educator spends multiple hours per week with their students, so they are in a unique position to ensure a positive outcome in regards to that process.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico on Leadership

As an experienced superintendent, David Lougee Silver City New Mexico understands the importance of leading by example. Creating solid, detailed plans is an important part of this process. This is the case for both management-level educators like superintendents and instructors who interact directly with the same students daily. David Lougee Silver City New Mexico strongly believes that leaders should seek to guide others toward success, including their peers, and lead by example.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico on Learning Styles

“All students can learn when provided instruction that meets their individual needs,” says David Lougee Silver City New Mexico. No two students are exactly alike when it comes to how they absorb information. Experts like Lougee firmly believe that the key to having a positive impact on developing minds is getting to the bottom of how each individual learns best. Differentiated instruction methods should include individualized approaches to content, teaching process, and environment.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico on Making a Connection

Adopting a positive approach to teaching and learning is a must for educators who are serious about making a positive impact on students, according to David Lougee Silver City New Mexico. There’s a lot of negativity out there in the world and young people are just beginning to learn how to tackle it. Plus, not all students come from encouraging home environments or have other positive influences in their lives. By focusing on positive self-talk and equating the learning process to positivity, educators can help students grow into adults with solid, healthy self-images.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico is a world-class Michigan educator with over 25 years of professional experience. When he’s not applying his expertise to making the world a better place for students from all walks of life, he enjoys traveling and outdoor activities such as fly fishing.

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