How Great Norilsk Expedition Can Help Solve Pollution Problems, Reduce Environmental Damage, and Improve Taimyr Ecology

Oct 16, 2020 9:30 PM ET

Oct 16, 2020 5:30 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 16, 2020

Ecological questions are on the agenda nowadays as humanity overuses the resources and harms the environment worldwide. However, some places are lucky as huge companies do not only care about the profit but also pay attention to ecological issues in the regions of their operations.

A good example is Norilsk Nickel, a giant nickel and palladium producer that is widely known for its environmentally friendly programs. The company contributes to the preservation of Norilsk ecology and fights against pollution.

This article will overview the main areas of Norilsk Nickel environment projects and evaluate its role in fighting against environmental damage.

Norilsk Nickel: Environment Issues of the Region and Ways of Solving Them

The company pays attention to nature preservation and implements diverse projects devoted to environmental protection annually. They are trying to find better ways to:

  • reduce the level of emissions
  • use resources efficiently
  • take care of biodiversity
  • explore climate change issue thoroughly
  • modernize present equipment

Norilsk Nickel fights against pollution in all the spheres, the company devotes its time to:

  • water protection
  • air protection
  • waste management
  • biodiversity conservation

making sure that Norilsk ecology is in the right hands. The statistics show that all the measures such as an upgrade of the equipment, optimization of industrial processes, wise waste management, etc. change the situation for the better and bring great results in terms of environmental preservation.

However, the company never stops growing and improving its projects, that is why recently Norilsk Nickel has made a huge contribution to the reduction of environmental damage and organized the great expedition together with the leading scientists from top universities of the Arctic Region.

The Great Expedition: Norilsk Ecology Preservation and Ideas for Sustainable Development in the Region

As the Arctic region is attractive to main industrial giants operating in Russia due to the variety of natural resources the place suggests, it is a matter of fact that the solution of how to save the environment there should be on the agenda. Norilsk Nickel helped to organize an important expedition on the Taimyr Peninsula in order to help leading scientists to explore and investigate nature and suggest recommendations that can be suitable for Norilsk environment protection.

The expedition has two stages, each is important in its own way. During the first stage, the necessary data as samples of water, measurements, and exploration of permafrost has been carried out. The field stage is over now, and the laboratory stage will be the following. The scientists will come back to their institutions to explore in depth all the materials taken and present a model of sustainable development of the region as well as find better ways of saving nature in the region.

The investigation is planned to be carried out fully in a year and should result in a report that will be especially useful for companies operating in the region.

Geography of Norilsk Expedition and Intermediate Results of Norilsk Environment Preservation Project

This expedition is great not only in its significance but also in the territory it covers. Zoologists,   geochronology experts, hydrobiologists, botanists have explored basins of the rivers: Pyasina, Norilka, and Ambarnaya as well as lakes Pyasino and Lama.

It is mentioned that this expedition is essential and nothing compared to it has been carried out for a long time. More than 35 people were working in the fields collecting all the needed data and about 14 universities have been involved in the project.

It is stated that the aim of the great expedition is to answer two main questions:

  • how to evaluate and connect Norilsk pollution issues
  • what to do in order to minimize the risks of pollution and nature damage in the region and how to save the Norilsk environment

It is also planned to retrace the history of ecological issues in the region and suggest appropriate ways to future sustainable development and protection projects in the place.

Almost all the works planned during the field stage have been completed and it is mentioned that Norilsk Nickel took an active part in the organization of the expedition and helped a lot with the logistics. The laboratory stage is going to start soon and the materials taken will be investigated for about 2 months. Surely, the dates are approximate and will depend on many factors.

As soon as all the investigation stages are finished, the work is planned to be continued and the cooperation with sanctuaries is expected. The scientists from both sides want to exchange knowledge in order to implement more environmentally friendly projects.

The intermediate results already show that the expedition is successful and plays a huge role for Norilsk ecology.

However, this great expedition is not the first and only draft of Norilsk Nickel. The company spends lots of time and effort on nature preservation and has been implementing diverse projects devoted to environmental protection in the region of its operation.

Norilsk Nickel: Environment Protection Projects and Role of the Company in the Region of Its Operation

This huge industrial giant is different from its competitors as it takes care not only about the profit but also pays attention to environmental issues. It actively takes part in diverse ecological projects both in the region of its operation and worldwide.

Norilsk Nickel reduces environmental damage by reorganizing existent manufacture, modernizing equipment, and implementation of new technologies in industrial processes. It provides financial aid and cooperates with companies that have projects devoted to nature preservation.

It is also famous for its projects directed at climate change issues investigation and known for taking part in the draft for battery recycling cluster in Harjavalta, Finland.

The company is not planning to stop and desires to continue reducing human impact on the environment. They have more and more projects devoted to solving ecological issues and according to the statistics, the drafts that have already been implemented are successful and show good results of their campaigns.

Norilsk Nickel expects to spend a lot of money on the modernization of its production plants and reduce the level of emissions by 75% by 2023. They will also construct SO2 recovery units at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant and upgrade Copper Plant.

To conclude, Norilsk Nickel plays a huge role in terms of environment protection not only in the region of its operation but also worldwide as it implements diverse projects devoted to nature preservation. Norilsk Nickel reduces pollution and tries to find ways for the future sustainable development of industrial corporations that will not affect nature.

The great expedition shows that the contribution of huge companies can help scientists to find the roots of ecological issues and explore possible solutions for environmental protection worldwide.