How important is it to choose the right wedding shoes?

Sep 11, 2019 11:35 AM ET

On the day of your wedding, you would have to be on your toes throughout. You have to ensure that you supervise everything well and look elegant at the same time. Certainly, footwear you wear has to be comfortable and classy both. You cannot compromise with any of these options.

It is vital that the shoes you wear compliment the gown you wear and, like your dress, are ideal in every aspect.  You can look for different types, makes, designs, patterns, forms of footwear for your wedding. After all, the wedding shoes you will wear have to be as special as the occasion is. And you know what to make your occasion pep and comfortable JJ’s House has an extensive variety in wedding footwear for you. If you haven’t checked out the options yet, you must not wait any more.

Don’t you dare compromise on comfort?

The most significant thing that a bride has to consider when picking the right pair of shoes for the special day is comfort. The wedding is actually a long and tiresome process that will need the bride to be on toes throughout and appearing lively for the entire time. It is not a pleasant or nice sight to witness a bride limping up the stage or staircase, sullen in pain on her special day.  The point is maybe the feet are getting hurt in your shoes but that does not mean it won’t appear on your face. Your face does wear the expression of pain and discomfort right away. If the feet are comfortable, you would not feel hurt or nor tired for sure.

What type of heel you are going to wear?

All the wedding footwear does have heels, but the bride has to give special attention to the type of heel the footwear have that she is trying on.  you know slightly wider heels are going to cater more comfort and dependability; stiletto type bridal footwear do look absolutely elegant, but can be killing when walking in them all day, particularly if the bride is not familiar to wearing them. The point is you have to be really sensible and thoughtful about the heels for sure. You cannot do any type of compromise with it. After all, you have to wear the footwear the long and whole day.  You have no clue how long you might have to stand in those heels!

Fabric and material

The material that the footwear is formed of is also absolutely important. It was once absolutely popular to go for only satin shoes. Not every bride like are comfortable to wear, mainly if they are wearing a shorter type of dress. The bride might require considering what she is wearing, as well as the form of material that she prefers. You should not forget that footwear of a bride is an accessory to the perfect outfit and has to be chosen to match and compliment the entire setup.


Since the variety is huge in wedding shoes, make sure that you are not compromising on them in any sense!

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