How knowing English can help you in learning a second language (or third!)

Feb 1, 2021 10:58 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 1, 2021  5:58 AM ET

English is a global language. Several countries have adopted English as their second language or even the official language. People across the world seem to recognize at least some words of english. All in all, you can survive in a foreign country if you have some command over English. From another perspective English can make you lazy for the same reason. Since so many people know English, they hope to get by in life without ever having to go through the challenges of learning other languages. But for those of you who live for that adrenaline rush after delivering the most iconic dialogues of a movie from your favourite language, we have put together a list that will motivate you to learn another language. The only catch is that you have to have a decent command over English. Here we go:

1. Translating a language to English has become so convenient

Google Translate has made it simple and all the more convenient to understand languages from around the globe.  Converting text from about a 100 languages is literally a click away. However if you are also looking to appreciate the language, you could hire a language training agency to help you learn the language. If you are looking to learn Haitian Creole and you know English, several lessons have been curated from English to Haitian Creole by Creole Tutors.

 2. A large amount of classic literature from most of the languages is available in English

Several translators and language experts have translated works of art from other languages to english, therefore you would not be required to look for translated texts to appreciate the art and culture of the language you are requested in. It will save you lots of time and you can focus your energy on learning about the language instead.

3. Many languages have retained english words for Universal items

Several languages have retained English words, with their English spellings or a slight change for common items like the Television, Taxi, Sugar, Coffee, Kangaroo, Tea, Cha(Chai), OK and the list goes on and on. This not only means less work for you, but also means that you can survive in a foreign land with at least a drink of coffee.

4. Learning certain other languages is easy if you know English

Languages such as Afrikaans- a west Germanic language, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are relatively simpler to learn and the words comparatively easier to catch if you know English well. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are also known as Scandinavian languages and are spoken by about 21 million people. Learning these languages gives you an opportunity to be the ultimate polyglot given most of Europe speaks these languages.

5. Most courses online are in English

Learning a second language is not easy. If English has been your second language, you already know the ropes to learn a third one in the sense that you know how to fit a learning session in a structured format given several years of school training. Most lessons you will find online are delivered in English with possible subtitles in your native languages. In fact several online agencies teach courses that have lessons only for English speakers. You can learn basic French from Memrise or you can learn English to Haitian Creole by Creole Tutors online among other languages.

Language learning can be a really productive learning experience if you employ great resources and enrol with great agencies. But your language learning is as good as your practice within native speakers and getting regular feedback. Have fun.