How long does it take for floor sanding?

Mar 3, 2021 2:05 PM ET

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When to do sanding the floor? It is very important to know when I should restore the soil and how many times it can be done. The floor usually withstands up to four stab wounds. Some soils hold up more than others. An important factor that we can consider is the floor’s thickness, which varies according to the size of the wood. Another factor involved in the screen’s base, as it is not leveled correctly, the floor begins to lift over the years, shortening its life prematurely.

Many questions are asked, such as: Is the floor whitish and with grease stains? Is it a sign I should stab him? Because they notice that over the years the floor of their house wears and deteriorates every summer. But there is a downside to restoring the soil.

How many times can the floor be sanding?

Sanding the floor is not done frequently; it usually takes between 10 and 15 years from one knife to another. When should I sand the floor? Does this floor admit one more sanding? These are questions he asks us frequently. The floor has a thickness when it is installed new, and with each sanding that the wood is made, the thickness is reduced; in some cases, it remains very thin, making it impossible to maintain it, a floor of average thickness can be sanded up to 4 times.

How much does it cost to sanding the floor?

Sanding floor square meter price can be around 10 or 25 dollar depending on the surface and depending on the quality of the materials you will use. In this sense, stabbing floor price per square meter can undergo significant fluctuations. The price stabbing floor m2 can include sanding or varnishing again, making the total price you have to pay differently. Each process has its price; the cost for sanding floor m2 can be around 20 dolar for varnishing and about 10 or 15 dollar for polishing and sanding.

Sanding and varnishing of wooden floors

As we have mentioned, the floor offers many advantages that other feet do not; however, it needs special care. When cleaning it, it is necessary to take precautions such as not using abrasive products, not using excess water, etc. And also, it needs maintenance from time to time, varnishing and sanding.

It is very easy to see when the wood needs this care. Usually, the floor loses shine, signifying that the varnish has worn away due to sun exposure. We can also appreciate a change in the tone of the floor, and we can see it more worn due to the transit of people, pets, or the placement of furniture. All this indicates that it needs subsequent sanding and varnishing.

The time will depend on each case, although it can last between 8 and 12 years. There is no set time, but depending on the factors that can affect the floor, you will need this maintenance sooner or later.

The objective is to return to the flooring or floor the first day’s pristine aesthetics since the useful life of a wooden floor is usually approximately 30 years. We must also bear in mind that only natural wood floors require this care. So if you have a laminate floor at home, you won’t need to do it.

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If your floor is very old, then only an expert can guide you best way to refurnish your floor because he is a person who precisely what is the correct time to do floor sanding.  So the best idea is to get in touch with an expert for the floor sanding.