How Moving Industry Has Changed Significantly in the 21st Century

Jul 22, 2020 12:45 PM ET

How Moving Industry Has Changed Significantly in the 21st Century

Relocation has been a part of our lives since many years. Ever since civilization came into existence, man has been changing places for different reasons. However, from finding resources to moving after a breakup, the reasons why man relocated have changed significantly. Similarly, the way the moving industry operates has also changed and the results are way more beneficial than they were a few years back.

Pricing Van Lines, a credible moving platform with thousands of moving companies in its network state that the way moving industry operated in the 90s has changed completely. Although the essence of the moving industry remains the same- we still rely on trucks, boxes and muscle power- there are changes like integration of technology that has boosted the efficacy of moving industry.

In this post, we have discussed in detail how moving industry has changed significantly in the 21st century and how it has benefitted the customer:

Technology driven:

Embracing technology must have been the biggest change that the moving industry has witnessed in its entire history. Most of the moving companies are on social media and you can read their reviews on sites like Yelp. Technology has made the business more transparent as hiring unethical business nowadays is no more a possibility. Although review sites have their own limitations considering that people do not like to praise as much as they complain and there is no shortage of fake reviews, having reviews provides a little accountability to the business.

More apps and software:

The customer enjoys great leverage of technology as there are a range of apps and software available online that makes the moving process way too smooth and customer-friendly. From estimating the cost of the move to scheduling it and finally making a to-do list and setting reminders, applications and software make it very easy and efficient for customers to plan, organize and execute a move.

The use of these applications not only help the customers but also empowers business owners to maintain great customer service:

Better customer experiences:

The business has also changed significantly in terms of how moving businesses cater to the customer’s requirements. The moving companies have become more customer-centric than ever. The businesses understand that customer satisfaction is the core of services. The services are designed in a way that the customer personal requirements are completely catered with efficiency.

The technology adopted by moving companies has made the functioning more efficient. From avoiding overscheduling to offering a more accurate and precise estimate, moving companies have changed their working style and efficiency.

The businesses can now easily maintain comprehensive databases which further enhances the customer service.

Options as per preferences:

Previously, hiring a moving service means you will have a team of movers come to your home, pack your items, load them in a truck and transport them to the new address. Although the process still is very much the same, the options for the customers have changed. Today, the customer can choose from full-fledged moving services to hiring moving services exclusively, renting a moving truck or making your move more independent with portable moving containers.

Besides, the customers also have the choice to hire a storage unit. These units allow you to have a temporary or permanent storage for your items while you relocate to a new city.


The prevailing competition in the moving industry is a great advantage for the customers. In the race to do more business and make profits, businesses have to play with the prices of the services to make them more affordable. The affordable services you offer, more and more customers you get and the profit is ultimately of the customer.

The best moving companies will never compromise with the quality of services they offer to make the services cheaper and easily available. In fact, these companies would ensure that the customer enjoys great price affordability while enjoying the best services that caters to their requirements.

More credibility:

As mentioned above, the moving industry has become more transparent which has benefitted the customer significantly. Today, every company is easily accessible, thanks to the World Wide Web and the online availability of businesses. Getting information about a moving company or running a background check is no more a hassle which forces moving companies to ensure high credibility. Any unethical practice or a poor service incident with the customer can become public in less than a few seconds which can spoil the business image significantly.

Moving industry has changed and customers and companies are benefiting from the change significantly. As customers plan the relocation, moving companies leave no stone unturned in making the moving experience great for the customers. The change has improvised how moving transactions worked in the industry and in future many more changes are expected.

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