How Much Does It Cost To Go To Court For Custody?

Jan 18, 2021 11:23 AM ET

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Child custody is an essential topic to talk about while the parents are getting a divorce. Even the psychology of a child can be changed due to this kind of decision in life suddenly. S/he also has to go to court on the hearing day of the child custody case. Moreover, less to a vast amount of money might be required for making this procedure done.

Therefore, in this article, you will get to know how much does it cost to go to court for custody. The first thing that both parties should do is contact child custody lawyers because this can help to avoid any kind of mishap throughout the entire case.

Have some time to go through the whole article to know everything in detail.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Court For Custody?

For child custody, first, you need to pay a filing fee. The local district clerk’s office sets its cost. However, the charge depends on the country you plan to file the child custody papers. It usually ranges from $200 to $400.

Different factors in child custody are looked upon in terms of determining legal fees. These are:

  • The duration of time spent on the case
  • The abilities, experience, and reputation of the lawyer
  • The complexity of the case
  • Other court fees

The costs related to child custody disputes initially depend on the parties’ cooperativeness and the lawyer’s payment structure. Below are some common types of agreements and fees procedure that are usually implemented in custody cases.

Consultation fee:

It is more like an initial advising session where you decide whether the lawyer can take the case or not. Some lawyers charge for it, whereas some do not. Therefore, it is essential to check the list of experienced lawyers in family cases before the consultation.

Retainer Fees:

It is a down payment process on the legal facilities that one will be getting. It is more like having the lawyer on the call. The amount of cash, usually based on the lawyer’s hourly rate, needs to be given in an account and withdrawn as charges are incurred.

An Hourly Fee Agreement:

It is one of the most commonly used structures. The hourly charge of different lawyers is different depending upon the work’s type.

A Flat Fee Agreement:

It is offered only when the case is straightforward and easy without any difficulties. So, the fee is also specific and totaled.

A Referral Fee:

Some lawyers also refer to another lawyer. And for this, they might ask a part of the total fees of the case.

How Much Can A Lawyer Charge?

Naturally, a family lawyer for child custody chooses an hourly rate or a flat rate. The range can be from $3,000 to $20,000 in case of the flat-rate option. Nevertheless, fees lower than this is not an indication of getting a hopeless result.

These fees are calculated depending on the amount of a lawyer’s work and the case’s difficulty. If the custody procedure requires less time, effort, and filings, then ultimately, the flat fee will also be less. A contested or complicated case requiring more court work and appearances needs a higher flat fee.

However, if the parties are unsure about custody structures or visitation, or any other issue, the lawyer can charge an hourly rate. This rate does not determine quality. Instead, it tells how costly the complete case can be. A lawyer who selects an hourly rate process might also need a retainer.

What Factors Can Change The Fee Of A Lawyer?

Basically, for the lawyer fee, the cost of the child custody disputes increases. But some other factors indicate how costly the entire case could be. Those factors are as follows:

Custody Dispute Types:

For sure, uncontested child custody does not cost more than the contested cases. So, how reasonable the dispute is going to depend highly on this issue.

Suppose one partner agrees to receive sole custody and does not cooperate or compromise. In that case, the argument might go through filing motions, depositions, additional court time, hiring child psychologists, and many more.

Witness Of Expert And Specialists:

Some cases need the help of an expert or a specialist, for example, a child psychologist. Even though the dispute is agreeable, the parents still might undergo a custody evaluation.

Miscellaneous Fees:

These fees have to be paid to the third party to make the other process done. Filing of other papers is also included in these fees. And for this, the expense of a lawyer can change.

The Bottom Line

Parents are the world to a child. But when the parents split up, whether through a mutual discussion or not, the sufferer is children as they want to live with both of them. So, after the separation, the parents apply for child custody in court.

So, from the above information, you have already known how much does it cost to go to court for Custody. We have experienced lawyers who can help to get your children to you even after the divorce. You will just have to submit the necessary documents like income source, resident information, and all that.