How offices are adapting to the 21st century?

Mar 5, 2019 2:50 PM ET

Office environment

For a long time, offices had a traditional setting and design that dominated workspace around the world. However, now that model is becoming a relic of the past and offices around the world are adapting to the evolving age of the 21st century. The white-collar era is old as many offices of the present time are adopting no dress code policy. The offices of the present are more focused on the computer oriented work environment. In the past there the rules of office were simple, but now employees of the present are in favor of a flexible office environment that offers more freedom. Employees prefer the environment that helps them in performing the task effectively instead of a place that gives them the feeling of an office environment. 

Office of the modern era

A traditional office has rows of desks in a large area which feels like a barn full of the desk. Employees of the new age not only want a space that is appealing in nature but looks as well. The office environment of present time needs to remind the employees that they are somewhere relaxable rather than a place that continually tells them to work. A relaxable environment is not only good for the employees but the employers as well. Employees are more productive when they are working in a relaxed atmosphere. The office environment is not just about work anymore as the employee of present time needs to engage their heart and minds into the work rather than just their mind. When employee wholly engages in the workspace, it will not only increase the quantity of production but the quality as well. A relax employee is more likely to present a better result compared to a depressed employee.

Effects of workspace

The workspace is not only limited to the quality and quantity but the loyalty of employee as well. The employee is likely to stick to a company that offers more comfort and mental satisfaction. With such a commitment, the company won’t have to worry about continually hiring new employees. Google is one such example which not only offers its employees good pay and relaxation but better offer an environment as well. Google have even abolished the necessity of a formal dress to facilitate their employees to make them feel more comfortable. The casual dress is an essential part of the current generation of the employees as they tend to prefer the environment that makes them feel more welcoming and free. According to recent research, a natural setting of office with greenery and light will provide a healthy environment for the employee. A healthier environment will reduce the chances of office sickness.

The future is here

The era of traditional office is nearly over as proven by many multinational corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple. More and more companies are adopting relaxed environments due to the perks that it offers. The evolution of the office environment in recent year has proven that fact.

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