How Smart Home Technology is Being Integrated in Real Estate

Nov 16, 2020 12:04 PM ET

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The real estate industry is undergoing several transformations due to the revolution of smart home technology. Nowadays, smart home technologies are boosting the market. The smart home technology equipped with IoT. Their popularity in the market is increasing with every passing day.

Over the past few years, we have seen the rapid progression of IoT, AI, VR, and other related technologies. The real estate is not left behind. For some years, real estate has experienced a number of transformations, especially since the advent of the IoT enables smart home devices has taken the industry to the next level.

In the sequence of this, most prominent organizations are investing in smart home technologies. Google, Amazon, Philips, and many other organization are focusing to enhance their offering in smart technologies and launching several unique smart home solutions i.e. Google Home, Amazon Echo, Phillips Hue, and more. These companies create emerging trends among people and upgrade the real estate domain.

In the first, smart homes technology provided extraordinary comfort, security, and comfort in the lives of the people. Secondly, due to the progress of smart home technology, it has raised the standard of the real estate industry.

Beyond doubt, the IoT discovery has changed the overall structure of the homes.  IoT technology controls homes, security, temperature, and lighting system. The IoT connected with the devices with another. It is controlled remotely.

Technology can also benefit the person with disabilities. They can control an all home system through a remote. Also, with the discovery of these devices, market competition has been started.

Sufficient smart homes solution is available in the market. The article shall guide you about some of the commonly used automation solutions.

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What is Smart Home Technology?

The devices are properly connected with the internet. Further, the devices are fitted into the smart home and controlled remotely. These devices can communicate with the individual and can send the proper information. It can also follow your instruction as you communicated. You can also control these devices if you are outside of the house. It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component of home automation and smart homes.

Currently, smart homes devices are available in the market and can control the following appliances;

  • Garage Door, Inside door, Fan, refrigerators, washing machines,
  • Computers, clocks, speakers, doorbells, Home windows/blinds, cameras, inside and outside lights, cooking tools
  • Home security systems i.e. surveillance cameras
  • Environmental controls, like air conditioning, heating, and lighting

Smart Home Security

The security of the home is very crucial for every home buyer. One of the main reasons to install a home automation system is the security of the house. The mentioned companies have designed a wide range of tools. The companies offer proper security solutions to avoid any threats i.e. closed-circuit cameras, motion detectors, alarms, sensors, with face and voice recognition software, etc.

Temperature Control System

Pakistan has been continuously ranked among the most affected countries by climate change. The temperature dramatically changes. Everyone wants to monitor their home temperature and to find out a proper solution. The new advanced technologies make this possible to solve temperature related issues. Smart devices have been invented to monitor the home temperature. The special sensors have been modified in the devices and control the heat and cold air. You have to just set once in a device and enjoy life as you want.

With the rising marketing trends, we have seen that people are taking more interest to use these highly affected technologies.

Some of the key features of the temperature control devices are as given below:

  • Air purification
  • Lightening
  • Thermostat control
  • Greenhouse monitoring systems
  • Humidity control sensors

Smart Home Entertainment

The Smart Home Entertainment devices allow you to simplify the control scheme, putting away the pile of remotes for a more elegant solution. The technology helps you to streamline setups and allow you to see the music and movies without any hurdles.

 Since the development of the smart home solution, there are thousands of devices that have been emerged in the market to feel you relax and entertained. Many individuals are using highly innovative and interactive technologies to connect with their households. You will feel an amazing experience by connecting your smart TV with smartphones, smart laptops, smart tablets, and other devices at home.

The smart home entertainment devices are easy to use and everyone can enjoy a wide range of online entertainment even remotely. The marketing trends also show that youngsters are taking more interest. Also, the elders are searching for smart home devices for easy access.

Here are some Smart Categories of Smart Home Entertainment:

  1. Hub and Remote Control
  2. Mesh WiFi System
  3. Smart Speakers
  4. Smart Displays
  5. Smart TVs, Projectors and Monitors
  6. Soundbars and Speakers
  7. Streaming Devices

The special wireless speakers are made and can fit perfectly into your rooms. It offers a good sound system, not so lout and not too low. Further, it is wirelessly connected i.e. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With these smart devices, you can entertain yourself with internet radio stations, music services, etc.

Also, the Amazon Echo offers you to connect and control all your entertainment devices through one app. It also facilitates individuals with a voice control function. You can play your favorite songs, from Amazon Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, and many more. Additionally, with this device, you can also control your other home devices i.e. lighting, heaters, switches, and other plug-in devices.

Home Utilities Automation

Home Utilities Automation has slowly moved from passively supplying electricity to consumers to innovating new business avenues. It is offering a wide array of energy and other products and services to customers.

Smart home technologies have made life very easier than before. Through these devices you can control your house by a single click i.e. you can wash your clothes, clean your home, etc. these devices are very easy to use and risk-free. Further, you can minimize your daily budget by using devices and save time.

The smart devices can also inform you about daily food, how much your body needs for vitamins. They can inform you about expired foods, ice-building up in the refrigerator, and automated watering of plants.

These smart devices are boosting the real estate business and benefitting individuals by providing innovative facilities. With the changing demands of consumers, it is expected that we will see sufficient inventions in the real estate industry in near future.

Advantages of a smart home

In the digital realm, everything is connected to the Internet. It is not just laptops and smartphones but the house also. You can also control your widows, water motor even if you are outside from home. Here are some advantages of a smart home.

Manage all home devices from one place

The smart devices can control the home by connecting through one interface. Theoretically, you have to learn how to use these smart devices.


For working people, the surveillance of the house is compulsory. In an emergency, the device shall inform you by instant notification. Empty houses are the main target of thieves. So you should be considered the remote surveillance system for the safety of your house. Further, when you are on vacation or outside, you can monitor your house with a smart home automation system such as smart security cameras.

Smart Heating/Cooling

You can adjust the water temperature when you are outside or at work. You can cool down your house temperature when you are on the way. The smart home devices can comfort your life and a remotely controlled lifestyle.

Home Assistant

When you are alone at the house these devices can help you. You can cook and preheat your oven you are away. Through your voice, these devices can respond to you within a seconds. So you can relax after a long day of work. If you have a pet in a house or animal, you can monitor what they are doing at home. You can talk to them and receive instant notifications.

Save Energy and Money

A smart home system can save money. For example, sometimes we forget to turn the lights off. But with these smart devices, you can turn off the lights automatically when you leave the house. These devices can assist you in energy consumption and give new solutions to save money. Using less power can make big differences in your monthly bills.

Health Tracking

There is impossible or difficult to hire a doctor to check your body system on daily basis. To check your body, you should try the smart health trackers. With smart devices, you can track your daily routine and control stress levels. The smart devices will also monitor impulse, heart rate, and sleep patterns too.


Everyone wants peace of mind when away from home. Smart devices can assure the safety of your house. It will inform you if there is a water leak somewhere. The water detectors can detect the water leak and give you an alert. It will inform you if you locked the doors when you left the house. This device is risk-free and monitors your house at a low cost.

Kitchen Assistant

We spend too much time in the kitchen. To cook the best dish you do not need to worry. You just need a smart assistant. These work with an application on your smartphone and you can control them by single click or voice. For those, who feel difficulties leaving their beds in the morning, these smart devices can make a coffee.


For disabled and elderly people, smart home technologies may feature accessibility. Through voice control you can control things i.e. lock doors, lights, operate a telephone, use a computer, etc.

 Peace of Mind: 

Home automation technology gives you peace of mind. A new mom and dad can check and monitor their little kid. Further, it can save time and give you the opportunity to live freely.

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