How the Salesforce1 Mobile App can help Businesses

Aug 10, 2020 9:50 AM ET

Benefits of Salesforce Wave Analytics

To understand ‘how the Salesforce1 mobile app can help the business’, we must first understand the working and difference between Salesforce and Salesforce1. The basic difference is that is the cloud-based CRM and service application that is developed and run over platform by Salesforce development companies whereas Salesforce1 works on a small touchscreen and it functions via 3rd party to access iOS or android features. Basically, Salesforce1 is a mobile application or interface through which all the apps are connected, all the devices are connected, all consumer data is connected. It works as a container like mobile which gives salesforce users ease to work from their phones.

To enable the Salesforce1 Mobile browser app:

Login to your Salesforce account.
Setup->Administrative Setup->Mobile Administration->Salesforce1
Enable Salesforce1 mobile browser App

A small business’s main purpose is to grow and most importantly to grow fast. In one or the other way, Salesforce1 is helping them to do so. Here are some features of Salesforce1 backed by Salesforce consulting companies which makes it adaptive for most of the organizations nowadays:

Creating Custom apps and deploying instantly-

Deployment of custom objects and fields is very much easy. Any app can be integrated and can be built dedicated to mobile applications.

Reduced the communication gap-

As now the customers also want the transparency of what and how everything is the organization. Customers and the employees both want connectivity in the work professionally and personally which in return reduce the tethering of office to home. By designing a mobile strategy it has become very easy for the employees to meet the customer needs before deadlines and make them satisfied with the services offered.

Meeting operational and business objectives-

By the features of Salesforce1 mobile apps, it has been very easy and simple to collect data from devices, business forms, and making the data available for centralized use. Cloud-based CRM is capable of automating all the business processes starting from lead generation to sales tracking to managing customer data to lead conversion. Then all this information can be accessed by the customer on their UI and they can customize their dashboard and monthly transaction summary and etc from their end.

Simple, Smart and Connected-

By making the things short it can be summarised that Salesforce1 mobile apps extract bigger complex working which Salesforce supports, to small mobile interface and bear features to utilize the advantages from business perspectives.

-Simple in customizing and making apps instantly.

-Smart enough to integrate and communicate with leads to turn them into customers.

-Connected to the customers and employees to solve problems and make service available for the users.

Improving Sales figure-

Figures in business can be improved by quicker decision making and making them on go by just tapping on the dashboard just as offered in the Salesforce1 mobile app. Decision making is quick with a real-time dashboard for marketing, business performance, etc.

Information Access-

With the cloud-based real-time storage of data which leads to getting the latest information about each customer and there is no extra need to handle the information externally or manipulating it for the storage on the organization’s devices.

In the end, we can conclude that how importantly Salesforce1 has targeted and benefited the organizations who so ever have adapted the mobile apps for their business needs. These features help in organizations managing sales, marketing, and customer services. But on the flip side, organizations must be efficient to handle the growth and they must be capable enough to provide technology and manpower support to the growth that is expected after the mobile app implementation in their business.


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