How to Add a Subwoofer to Your Standalone Soundbar

Nov 17, 2020 1:42 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  8:42 AM ET

Have you ever wished to enjoy the same bone-shaking audio of the movie or dramas at your home sitting on your couch that you’ve experienced in a cinema? The addition of a subwoofer to a soundbar or TV system can do the same for you.

Soundbar lovers know the importance of having a right subwoofer attached with the soundbars to enhance the bass with mid or high range frequencies, especially because all soundbars aren’t good enough to give off a deep bass without background noise. Some soundbars come with inbuilt subwoofers whereas others have external subwoofers. However, to make a sleek and stylish soundbar, the size and quality of subwoofers are being ignored by many renowned companies.

Therefore, adding a subwoofer with your standalone soundbar is a wise thing to do, especially if you love to watch movies with perfect sound and imaging. Then a subwoofer can help you set up a home theater without much effort. Here’s how you can add a subwoofer with your soundbar:


While adding a subwoofer to a soundbar, it is recommended to check the compatibility of both devices to make sure that you are using the right combination. You can add the subwoofer of the same company from where you’ve purchased a soundbar.

Non-traditional method

This is not a conventional method of adding a subwoofer with the soundbar.

You will need a stereo mix and a receiver to attach the soundbar and subwoofer flawlessly.

You have to attach the soundbar to a receiver then attach it to the stereo mix with the help of pre-outs or preamps.

You can now attach a subwoofer to and a soundbar with the help of this stereo mix.

You can buy this equipment from any online store or the market. They are very easily available and are an economical choice when it comes to the price.


When adding a sub, understand the importance of placing the soundbar subwoofer in the right place. It’s usually along the front of the wall where your TV is placed. This standard placement delivers the ultimate sound to everyone sitting in from of the TV. Still, you may have to adjust the subwoofer in a way that gives off the same sound to every seat without distortions.

Wireless subwoofer

It is one of the most recommended and easiest way to add a subwoofer seamlessly with the soundbar. Wireless subwoofers do not require any setup or extra work to match the compatibility of the soundbar with the subwoofer. Sonos, Yamaha, etc. are some renowned companies that offer wireless subwoofers. Their soundbars are also of great quality.

Why add a subwoofer?

Many people think that adding a subwoofer with a soundbar will just enhance the clutter around your TV. However, it is not the case because a subwoofer enhances the audio of the channels of the soundbar and brings high surround sound to deliver the dialogues with perfect pitch and frequency. Therefore, you can think about adding a subwoofer to your soundbar as well.