How to Attract the Attention of Your Local News

Jan 26, 2021 12:31 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 26, 2021  7:31 AM ET

Whether you have a business event coming up, an important occurrence in your community or you want to share some news and need some media outlets to publish it, there are some steps that you need to cover.

These steps ensure that you get your local news or even mass media to pay attention to what you are doing, which can have a ton of benefits for your business, or community in general. It doesn’t matter what kind of news you want to cover, because using the following tips will get you the results you want.

1- Research Local Media

The first thing you need to do, before even writing your press release, is researching the local media that you plan on working with. Finding out exactly what local media outlets focus on and what they look for in a story can help you tailor your news to fit the criteria. You can also use this research to find out whether you need to go through certain steps in advance and how you can get in contact with their representatives to ensure that your story is covered by the media the way you want it to. When doing your research, the information you are mainly looking for is the name of the media outlet, the contact information of relevant people working there, and of course, you can look up different pieces that were already published by said outlet.

2- Send an Announcement of the Info Ahead of Time

After finding out all the necessary information about your local media outlet and choosing the ones that will work best for you, you need to send an announcement of the news release and any information that the media might need ahead of time. While sometimes word of mouth can get media attention, it is not guaranteed to work. You also might not get as much attention as you think, if you do not notify the local media outlets of the event or news release before it occurs. In your announcement, you should include the date and time of the release and your contact information. You also need to allude to what is going to be mentioned in the release so that you can grab the media’s attention.

3- Write the Press Release

Now it is time to actually write the press or news release that you plan on having the media cover. If you are not a reporter or journalist, then it can be hard trying to make your news release as catchy and interesting as it needs to be for a media outlet to become invested in writing a story about it. Instead of floundering around trying to ensure that your news release is up to par, there are various tools that you can use to help you along. These tools range from helping you with using the right wording and style, to helping you get your release to the media of your choice. Using a tool like this can be very helpful because your news release should have news that is noteworthy. You need to make sure that your chosen media outlet deems your news worth being talked about.

4- Make Sure to Provide Relevant Contact Info

One of the steps that you need to make sure of is adding any relevant contact information in both the pre-news release announcement and the release itself. This will make it easier for journalists and reporters who are interested in your story to reach you and others that you feel are able to give interviews about the story. Doing this will save journalists the hassle of trying to find contact information to reach you for your side of the story so it is something that you do not want to miss.

5- Use Visual Tools to Increase Interest

If possible, try to attach different photos and videos to your pre-news release announcement and your news release itself. It is proven that adding such visual aids grabs the reader’s attention which means it is something that you can use to attract your local media’s attention to your story.

6- Choose the Right Time

This will of course depend on the previous research you did. If you choose to have your local newspaper covering the event, then you need to set the event at the right time. For example, if it is a weekly newspaper that has issues coming every Saturday, then your event should be set before the issue is published. Try not to have too much time between your release and the next issue though, because you do not want people to lose interest by the time it is published.

7- Make Connections with Journalists

Knowing the right people can make a lot of difference in how much interest your story receives. This is a general tip that you need to follow. Making new contacts and knowing the right people, whether they are journalists, reporters, or editors, can have a very big impact on whether your news gets to your audience properly or not. People often use the phrase no comment when dealing with journalists and reporters, however the best way to ensure that your news is covered the way you want it to show is to have a good working relationship with journalists.

Giving them interesting information and quotes that they can use in their piece about your news release is going to help you get proper coverage and interest. It will also help you in the future because these journalists will be more willing to write about your events in the future.

Using these 7 distinctive tips and steps can help you get media coverage on whatever news you want to share with your community. While some of these tips are applicable only if you have news, others can be continuously followed so that you can make use of them at any point in the future. Remember, if you want someone to read your news, then you need to hook them with a catchy introduction and actual new information, and now you also have a plan to follow so that you do not feel lost in the process.