How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed with these Simple Hacks?

Mar 24, 2020 8:30 PM ET

Paying high for internet services is just like paying for a hotel room. The more you pay, the better it is. It is a known fact that we all face outages or slow speeds when browsing or streaming on the internet. What is the point of paying high bills when you are not getting what you pay for?

The blame should not be imposed on internet service providers every time though. You might have not taken the necessary steps at your end to ensure a seamless internet connection. Behind a slow internet connection, there are plenty of reasons. No matter, how reliable the service provider is whether it be Cox, Xfinity or Spectrum internet, you might face connectivity issues often. If you face any issues related to connectivity or billing you can dial your provider’s support department for example Spectrum customer service phone number is just a tap away to help you resolve your issues in no time.

In this article, let’s have a look at some of the common causes of slow Wi-Fi speed and how to resolve them. Have a look at it.

Reduce Bandwidth Leeches 

In order to improve your internet speed, it takes a few tweaks ranging from as easy as turning on the computer to as difficult as configuring a tech gadget’s settings. When it comes to slow internet, the reasons are plenty and one of them is that you have not added an extra layer of security to your Wi-Fi network.

For instance, if you have not protected your network with a password, a naughty neighbor may take advantage and use your Wi-Fi without letting you know. The more devices connected to the same network, the slower the speed will be. It is therefore recommended to protect access to the network with a complex password and WPA2 security.

Every connected device will suck away the bandwidth including plenty of peepers who are likely to enjoy free internet. Make sure to protect your home network with a strong password. A strong password includes a combination of capital and small letters along with numbers and special characters.

Purchase a New Router 

If you have been using the same Wi-Fi router for several years, it is time to take your wallet out and buy a new one. There are several benefits to purchasing a new router, in order to achieve optimal speeds. Moreover, a new router can also enhance the security features, especially, if you are thinking of automating your home with IoT devices.

If you have a bunch of gamers and streamers at home, investing in a gaming router would do the job. You can find plenty of gaming routers available on the market from manufacturers like TP-link, Linksys and Netgear. Make sure to read the opinions of experts and their recommendations before buying one.

Placement of Your Wi-Fi Router 

There are a number of factors that affect the speed of the Wi-Fi connection such as obstacles, number of users on the network, distance and electronic interference. All of these factors contribute towards slowing down the speed the internet speed.

For optimal speed and signals, make sure to change the placement of your router. Place the Wi-Fi router in an open area with minimum obstacles and obstructions. The best place is the common room of your house where the signals can be transmitted to other rooms without disruption.

If you can’t find the ideal place to keep your router, you can make use of an app like “CloudCheck” to test. It will help you find the place where signal strengths are optimal.

Wi-Fi Extender Optimizes the Signals 

If you are a gamer or a movie streamer, you know how difficult it is to keep yourself glued to one place. There are plenty of reasons why you should sit near a Wi-Fi router – and the basis of that is to get uninterrupted signals while playing games or streaming movies online.

Wi-Fi extender will not enhance the speed of your connection. However, it can help boost the signals so that you can sit anywhere in the house and enjoy gaming and streaming without worrying about lags and disconnection.

Use Latest Wi-Fi Technology 

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and if you want to enjoy high-speed internet, make sure to invest in the latest Wi-Fi technology. For instance, Wireless-AC (802.11ac) and Wireless-N (802.11n) are the latest ones offering faster internet speed as compared to older versions including Wireless (802.11a) and (802.11b).

Summing Up 

In order to enjoy fast speed internet, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you experience high-speed internet. Next time, before you pick the phone to call customer support, make sure that you have followed these steps.

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